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adnans 08-24-02 04:44 AM

Notes for Redhat Beta (null)

Just a heads up to the folks who are having trouble installing the latest NVidia drivers on the Redhat beta (null). Some things to keep in mind:

- modutils 2.4.18 (insmod) for some reason fails to load the NVdriver. It complains about mismatched compilers even though both the kernel image and the NVdriver module were compiled with the exact same compiler. I known this because I copied these over from a Debian sid installation where it works perfectly. Upgrading to moduitls 2.4.19 will allow you to load NVdriver, with warnings.

- make sure you run "makedevices.sh" script before trying to load up X. I forgot to do this and the driver complained about not being able to initalize NVdriver. This script creates the following device special files which are needed for proper operation;



guills 08-27-02 02:41 PM


Just so you realize this, and understand why it doesn't work now:
-nvidia drivers are made of 2 modules:
1) a binary-only module which is actually the driver
2) an open-source module which interfaces the kernel with the driver

when you install from tarballs, you only recompile the 2nd module with your new gcc 3.2, the real driver is then linked with it (but its compiled with 2.x).. so insmod SHOULD fail since it is truly the wrong compiler version

Just my 0.02$


asterix 08-27-02 06:38 PM

for all who has trouble installing nvidia driver with redhat null.

Just install it from tar or binaries.
The driver do not load.
Just type: insmod NVdriver --force
Now you just have to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local "insmod NVdriver --force".

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