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stncttr908 02-25-08 09:37 PM

Pirates of the Burning Sea Trial
So, this Australian ISP is offering free downloads and trials for the game. I signed up a week or two ago and got the email today that the free download was available. I try to login with my info to download the title, and it tells me that I need to be on an Australian IP address.

Does anyone want to login and get me the download URL? :D

If not, I'll just wait for a broadly available trial. The game needs work anyway, so it's no real loss.

thunderhippo 03-03-08 12:09 PM

Re: Pirates of the Burning Sea Trial
You arent missing much. It's a pile of steaming festering puss right now. Unless of course you are in love with a psuedo-true pirate histrory with lame character models of women with DDDs and no sea monsters.

I'd rather play an mmo that deals with the economics of the saltine cracker industry.

got a code for the game if anyone wants to make a trade for something..
aoc?waR? yeah right ;0

megandrew999 03-13-08 03:39 PM

Re: Pirates of the Burning Sea Trial
I have about 5 World of Warcraft Guest Passes...... i would be willing to trade anyone, however many they want of those WoW Guest passes, in return for a Buddy pass to Pirates of the Burning Sea. My email is Zioneye247@aol.com..... please help me! I have been dying to play!

nrdstrm 03-13-08 05:25 PM

Re: Pirates of the Burning Sea Trial
POTBS is not my type of game. Pretty boring, though I have to admitt I was in pretty early beta. I got in during Comic-Con last year at SOE's Block Party. Maybe it's alot different now, but it just didn't do it for me back then...

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