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Rampant CL 04-28-03 01:48 AM

Running temps for the 5800 and Ultra?
Just a quick check, what sort of temps do all you FX owners get for the core and card while running 2d and 3d?

I average 60 on 2d and 70 after a 3d mark

Rampant CL 04-28-03 01:56 AM


athlon xp 1800 (till 3 days time when barton 2800 arrives)
GA 7VAXP-A Ultra
1.5GB DDR-400
MAxtor 80GB
SB Live
Buslogic SCSI Host Adaptor
AOpen 24x 10x 40x cd writer
Phillips 16x 40x DVD drive

Dazz 04-28-03 02:07 AM

Thats about average for Geforce FX Ultra's.

Rampant CL 04-28-03 02:12 AM

:( Im running a 5800, not an Ultra.

saturnotaku 04-28-03 08:15 AM

On my Ultra, I'm running about 46 in 2D and 52-55 in 3D. What kind of other cooling do you have in your system?

Rampant CL 04-28-03 08:38 AM

A coolermaster on the xp, and 3 case fans... but at the moment i'm connecting a pipe from my room AC through a filter and strategically positioning it through the side of my case, i'll ty and get a pic of it.

Dazz 04-28-03 11:53 AM

Yeah but the Ultra as a far noiser fan and runs 100Mhz faster.

jAkUp 04-28-03 11:56 AM

45 in 2d... about 50 3d... but i added another fan on the back heatsink

RobHague 04-28-03 01:32 PM

57 ish, it actually runs COOLER when playing games usually. Im running 3 case fans.

Badash 04-28-03 07:11 PM

I have been running one of my FX Ultras without the FX flow fan, and instead using a 120mm next to the copper fins near the rear of the card. Playing ut2003 in windowed mode for 30mins it averages 66 C. Idle 45 C. But the copper fins have a small surface area and my 120mm does not have a side intake of fresh air. With the Zalman ZM80C1-HP that's supposed to be out in 3 weeks and a side intake with a quiet fan should drop temps below stock.

Behemoth 04-29-03 11:57 AM

I am running 5800, added an extra small video card cooler (fan plus heatsink) on top of the back heatsink, case open.
average 50 in 2D
average 66 in 3D
room temp. around 25
i have seen 77 just after game when the case is closed.

Badash 04-29-03 12:22 PM

If you wanted to add a cooler to it, this would work Alpha PAL153U

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