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Michel 04-28-03 09:24 AM

I thaught before I came here, but it's getting really annoying!!!!
On othger boards there was a discussion if your nvidia-driver causes stability-problems...
Since I installed them, my system is quite stable, but not enough!! Certainly when I just am typing/sending an émail with mozilla....
I'm onlu using the drivers because I like the game bzflag and it needs 3d accell..but I'm really considering about going back to the opensource ones, that are more, more stable....
It's good that your drivers are fast, but they get anoying if you have to restart....To my opinion the stability-problem is really caused by nvidia's driver, because with the opensource ones, it's very stable....

In linux you can restart the xsrver, but that's not an option when you can't type or click anything!

To be a litlle bit positive: I've noticed that the nvidia drivers got more stable...., but nothing in comparison to the opensource ones....
Question...When evrything locks up, can I see the error message somwhere??I think that maybe it's still written if there is one..because only the Xserver locks up, but thze rest keeps on going. I would like to report it, but on startup the /var/lof/Xfree86.0.log is a new one, not? Is the ".old" the one that possible contains an errormessage then?

Thanks, but it's really getting annoying...For the rest, it's a fantastic driver...

Michel Brabants

Michel 04-28-03 09:38 AM

btw, I have a geforce2mxx400, but I don't see an option to change that...

volt 04-28-03 10:10 AM

This belongs in the linux community :)

GuyFawkes 04-28-03 02:50 PM

Hey Michel,

you're not alone. It's a well known problem of many people with the NVIDIA Driver. I wait for one and a half year, that they manage it :-)

But it looks to give a solution. In a gentoo Forum they told to set the RenderAccel-Option in XF86Config off. I'm trying it right now and will see. It looks like working:


Section "Device"
xx xx
xx xx
Option "RenderAccel" "off"
xx xx

I hope it works more than the 10 min I try now ;-)


K6-2 500
VIA vt82c586b
GeForce 2 MX 32 MB

Michel 04-28-03 04:33 PM

renderaccel off
Sorry, have no time to check it now...but what does RenderAccel and won't it decreass performance?
(Yes, I know I'm very demanding :))
So, the most stability bugs are in RenderAccel or how do I have to interpret this?

GuyFawkes 04-28-03 05:16 PM


I'm sorry. 30 min. after posting here the system freezed again :-(

I hope any of NVIDIA's Guys will tell something about .....

Michel 04-29-03 03:32 AM

How many times does my system freezes?Let's say (0?)/1/2(maybe 3) times/week...Not much..well this is mostley the case..dependent on how many hours I use the computer..(use it quite much). I suppose nvidia has special drivers for certain professions, like peopel that do grahical stuff on the computer as a profession...because when it freezes....you of course loses everything. The opensource ones..Haven't use them for such a long time, but I think that every crash as an exception....

Michel 04-29-03 03:41 AM

The problem is ofcourse is that you don't knoz zhen the crashes come, so that you're "watching" your back all the time....:)....very annoying.

GuyFawkes 04-29-03 04:50 AM

Yes, it's more than annoying. So I'm back on the OpenSource Driver from XFree.
I knew the prob long time, so I don't loose so many things when it freezes :-), but I haven't got second machine here to shutdown via ssh cleanly.

Andy Mecham 04-29-03 12:50 PM

Do your freezes go away with AGP disabled?


GuyFawkes 04-29-03 01:34 PM


I'll try this later, AGPgart is compiled into my Kernel, so I will use the SuSE-Standard for this. Formerly I used the tar.gz files (ca. 1500 fps glxgears), with the 4363 I used the rpms for SuSE 8.1 (ca. 1200 fps glxgears). I'm pry about the result without agp :-)
Thank You for the tip, you'll hear the result

greez Guy

GuyFawkes 05-05-03 05:42 PM

it seems, that

Option "NvAgp" "0"

in the Device Section of XF86Config helps. It works with the static incompiled agpgart too. /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status tells only "disabled" and it works for the whole day now ;-)
glxgears still renders with ca. 1100fps.

I hope it is a continiously working solution, thx for the tip Andy

greez Guy

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