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Vadim P. 03-02-08 02:51 PM

169.12 & fan bug?
Hi all,

Can anyone quickly fill me in on the fan always on bug - is it still present in 169.12? Because the fan on my new laptop has been pretty much always on since I upgraded to the 169 drivers - I couldn't figure out what was causing it for a long while until I remembered there was a bug with nvidia drivers.

Is this still true, or should I look somewhere for the problem?


Jeumeu 03-03-08 05:22 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?

With my desktop and 8500GT (Debian Lenny KDE), I keep 169.07.

Fan is 100% with 169.09 and 169.12

Vadim P. 03-03-08 06:15 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
Alright thanks, I'll see if I can try and get the older drivers installed.

Vadim P. 03-05-08 08:07 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
I'm still getting it.

I'll try 169.04...

Jeumeu 03-09-08 03:03 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?

Anybody else getting the same problem ?

Any workaround ?

Jeumeu 03-28-08 10:34 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
Sorry to bump, but same trouble with Debian testing 2.6.24.

With 169.12 fan is 100%... with 169.07, it's OK...

Rainmaker87 03-28-08 10:41 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
What card Jeumeu I have a 7300gs w/ Ubuntu (Debian based) and haven't had a fan prob, and I'm running the 2.6.24 kernel atm

Jeumeu 03-28-08 11:00 AM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
Thanks for your reply,

I have a 8500GT in an HP computer

Thunderbird 03-28-08 02:16 PM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
If you are using a geforce 8500 / 8600 card and believe this function works on windows you could give me a hand with support for this in Nvclock. Contact me.

Vadim P. 04-05-08 03:26 PM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
Any progress on this?

I couldn't install nvclock, so I'm still stuck with the fan on...

Jeumeu 04-06-08 01:44 PM

Re: 169.12 & fan bug?
I had a bit of a hard time installing nvclock cvs version (I'm still discovering and learning a lot...)

But I did it...

I installed nvclock and sent debug info to Thunderbird who is currently analyzing them (based on my 8500GT)...

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