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tHiSiSbOb 04-28-03 07:32 PM

Java VM
I am trying to install A program(LimeWire) that needs tthe Java VM to run. I installed it but when I try to install LimeWire it says that VM is not installed. N e ideas?

galaxor 04-29-03 05:07 AM

perhaps you forgot to set some environment variables (like JAVA_HOME) ?

erwos 04-29-03 09:14 AM

I guess it's worth asking: did you install the Java RPMs from Sun?


alloneword 05-01-03 11:18 AM

What distro are you using???
For mandrake there is a very nice howto here:

I am sure it could be modified to your needs.

galaxor 05-02-03 06:50 AM



galaxor 05-02-03 06:53 AM

Ah, sorry :(

Debian Users should have a look at the link above. The mpkg-j2sdk-Package contains a script to create a Debian-Package from the binary-dists (Sun, Blackdown).

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