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tvtp_public 04-28-03 11:07 PM

Help setup nvidia with Dell I8500
Hi all,

I need help to setup the NVIDIA® GeForceTM 4 4200 Go with 64 MB DDR video memory on my Dell Inspiron 8500 to support 1920x1200 resolution

I am using redhat linux 9 and i am just learn linux. If anybody can help me out i really appreciate that. If you can show me step by step it would helpful


note: i already installed redhat 9 on my dell I8500

My email: tvtp_public@yahoo.com

Andy Mecham 04-29-03 01:26 AM

Step 1: Visit http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=li..._ia32_1.0-4363

Step 2: Grab the README.

Step 3: Download the installer.

Step 4: Run the installer per the instructions in the README.

Step 5: Edit your XF86Config file per the instructions in the README.

Step 6: Create a modeline for 1920x1200 for your panel. I've successfully used

        Modeline "1920x1200"  162 1920 2020 2052 2184
                              1200 1202 1208 1235 +Hsync +Vsync

but you should make sure that it's correct for your panel before you try it. An incorrect modeline can damage your panel. To try this one, put it in your XF86Config file next to the other modelines.

Step 7: Add "1920x1200" to your Modes list (make it the first one).

Step 8: 'startx'


Andy Mecham 04-29-03 01:27 AM

To create other modelines, you can use 'gtf', which should have been installed on your system.


tvtp_public 04-29-03 08:49 AM

Andy: Appreciate your response
Hi Andy,

I really appreciate your response, i will try it hopefully i don't make any mistake to burn my display.

Thanks again

tvtp_public 05-01-03 10:23 PM

Still having problem to setup my dell I8500
1 Attachment(s)
Hi Andy,

Would you help me out.

I try to follow the step that you showed me but i still could not get the resolution 1920x1200

I have attached my XF86Config and XFree86.0.log file.

I have another question, when run 'gtf' to get the modeline what kind of refresh rate should i put in ?

I tried gtf 1920 1200 80hz and get the modeline to put in my XF86Config

please help me out, i had my dell for more than 2 weeks but could not get it up, it's really frustrated

Again, thanks for your time and your consideration

Andy Mecham 05-01-03 11:18 PM

Huh. You're getting some funny output. Can you try

startx -- -logverbose 5
and attach that log here? According to

(WW) NVIDIA(0): Not using mode "1920x1200" (width 1920 is larger than
(WW) NVIDIA(0): EDID-specified maximum 1280)
(WW) NVIDIA(0): Not using mode "640x480" (height 960 is larger than
(WW) NVIDIA(0): EDID-specified maximum 800)
your panel is only capable of 1280x800. I'd like to see what your EDID says.


tvtp_public 05-01-03 11:36 PM

my new log file
1 Attachment(s)
Attached is my log file when run

startx -- -logverbose 5

Andy Mecham 05-01-03 11:38 PM


(II) NVIDIA(0): EDID reported maximum dimensions for display device DFP-0:
(II) NVIDIA(0): width : 1280
(II) NVIDIA(0): height : 800
The maximum resolution your panel supports is 1280x800.


tvtp_public 05-05-03 07:10 PM

Thanks Andy,

I did not know that my dell only support 1280x800. when order online i thought it's suppose to support 3 mode including 1920x1200, i gonna call them back

Again, thanks alot for your help

omv 05-05-03 07:55 PM

I'd recommend using the ignoreedid option. I have to do this to get my T210 to work, since the monitor spews out bad edids for the DVI port.

drop this in your device section.

Option "IgnoreEDID" "yes"

you might also want to use this one to force X to use the flatpannel port, but its probably not necessary.

Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"

There's no way in heck your 8500 has a 1280x800 display.

EDIT: My mistake - that is a legal configuration - dell musta changed it since I was shopping for one. Do you only get 1280x800 in windows?!

Andy Mecham 05-05-03 07:57 PM


There's no way in heck your 8500 has a 1280x800 display.
The 8500s *did* ship with a 1280x800 display - it's the XGA panel option on Dell's website. Ignoring EDIDs can fry your panel.


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