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farao 04-29-03 02:57 AM

Blank Screen with 1.0-4363 release!
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I just get blank screen,, ctrl+alt+del helps alot.
vesa, nv driver works without problems.

-my video card
GeForce2 Ti

- my driver version
1.0-4363 released

- my distribution
same problem in slackware9

- my video bios revision

- my processor
AMD athlonxp, model 6, stepping 2

- my motherboard model
EP-8RDA+ nforce2 chip

LCD monitor samsung152s analog connnection.

kulturlaus 04-29-03 03:40 AM


Is the screen blank just at the beginning of the start of your X-session?

'cause I had problems under SuSE 8.2 when shutting down X or changing to console (Textmode) => PC freezes. But X itself works fine with nvidia-driver 4363.

My configuration is:

GeForce4 Ti4200 AGP8x
SuSE 8.2

Now I'm working with the nvidia 4149-driver.

Loading an older Mainboard BIOS (<= 3129) seems not to work in my case.

I'm still searching for a solution to fix this problem. Seems, that I have to reverse engineer some sources :lol:

Hoping, hoping, searching...

farao 04-29-03 09:03 AM

yes,, the screen blanks at the begining... ctrl+alt+backspace
doesn't,, just ctrl+alt+del.

kormoc 04-29-03 09:09 AM

Same here I think...
When I upgrade my drivers past 1.0.4191, I have problems. I boot up fine, and when I type startx, everything starts loading, but then my screen goes blank, and no matter if I switch from x to a term ot back again, I have no video. I can ssh in, so it's the video drivers. I have a gainsward geforce 4 ti 4200.

There is nothing in the logs and the xf86config-4 is normal, there isn't anything special in it, so any ideas?

Andy Mecham 04-29-03 01:06 PM

The Epox 8rda+ has some sbios issues - I believe the latest known working sbios is 3129.


kulturlaus 04-29-03 02:11 PM


I've loaded BIOS 3129, but the Problem is the same as described above and in this Thread. I will try to load an older version and install the actual nvidia graphics driver...
Hope there is a way to get the console working ;-)

Thank you so far,

farao 04-29-03 02:47 PM

Model: EP-8RDA+
BIOS: 8RDA3402.BIN (A000)

I have the latest bios version for the motherboard.. is there any option should I disable och enable in the bios to test the driver.

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