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Glenn 04-29-03 05:56 AM

Anti-aliasing issues!
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When running the latest ut2203 demo I'm getting horrendously pixelated graphics with all my settings pumped up to full. I've tried YanC but it doesn't solve the problem. glxgears shows 1500FPS. ut2003 is playable but looks dreadful.

I have:
-GeForce2 MX/MX 400
-Driver 4349
-Yoper Linux v1
-Video Bios:
-P4 1.8Ghz
-Motherboard: ASUS P4S533

Thanks is advance

bwkaz 04-29-03 06:37 AM

export __GL_FSAA_MODE=<number>

Where <number> is described in the README. Its meaning is different depending on which nVidia chip you're using.

Then run ut2003 from the same terminal emulator session.

Glenn 04-29-03 07:32 PM

<grin> I recognise that user name (bwkaz) from justlinux.com

Anyway. Yes I've tried the $ export __GL_FSAA_MODE=4 but it doesn't do anything.

Is there some way I can test if the command has actually made any affect to a file somewhere? Surely it has modified something somewhere which I can check.

bwkaz 04-29-03 09:24 PM

Ahh, I wondered if this was the same problem as in that thread. Guess so. ;)

Anyway, it doesn't change any files anywhere. All you did was set an environment variable. I don't really know of any way to test it, either, other than just looking at a GL program's output and seeing if it looks to be antialiased.

You might be able to strace the program, too, and look for calls to getenv("__GL_FSAA_MODE"), to make sure that the library is actually using the environment variable's value. But if it is, I'm not sure what to try.

Maybe it's the aniso texture filtering? You can try the __GL_LOG_ANISO variable, too. Might help.

Anthaus 04-30-03 11:15 AM

Don't forget to start your games in the same console where you typed the export command. If you set the environment variable and close the console, or if you start the game from a desktop button the trick won't work.

Glenn 05-01-03 04:53 AM

Well I tried export __GL_FSAA_MODE=4
and export __GL_FSAA_MODE=3 But the frame rate in glxgears drops from 1500FPS to 500FPS. And yes I ran ./ut2003_demo in the same terminal.

That of course means that ut2003 demo runs like a jellyfish but what makes the matter worse is that there is absolutely NO difference in the graphics. It's like someone blew up the pixels and forgot to smooth them. It's like the menus are make out of tiles or something.

Man I'm sunk. I seem to the only one with this issue in the Yoper arena (that's my distro) but I can't accept that my 32mb card is the problem 'cause it works a treat in Win98, but before anyone says it, NO I don't want to use 98.

kow 05-01-03 11:06 AM

I'm curious to know how you expect to get playable performance doing AA on UT with a geforce2 period. Even with a geforce4 at home I question the value of wimpy AA vs. no AA performance tradeoffs.

Glenn 05-02-03 05:15 AM

It works like a treat on win98, I only get these problems with linux. When I say pixelation I mean pretty fat pixel clumps and this is best seen in the main menu where instead of the gradient horizontal bars fading out they do so in large blocks.

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