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coredumped 08-24-02 11:24 AM

Can I use 3-D acceleration in the framebuffer
First of all, how is the state of the frambuffer driver?
Could it be possible to use 3-D acceleration or it is just available for X, i don't know the driver architecture very well, to me it seems that the 3-D hardware acceleration comes in the GLX module provided by nvidia, but is it a way to dlload it? and take advantage of the 3-D calculations the chipset can perform?
If there's a driver for the framebuffer is it accelerated?

Thunderbird 08-24-02 11:37 AM

3D is only accelerated in X.

There's a framebuffer driver for nvidia cards called rivafb. It is a bit accelerated (big parts are missing), it is unstable and very buggy. It doesn't work ok with the "nv" or "nvidia" driver for X. Without it doesn't work well etiher.

There is a project to provide opengl using mesa (software rendering) in framebuffer mode. It is part of the directfb project. Since it is just software rendering it is slow.

coredumped 08-24-02 11:48 AM

the glX takes care of video output?
The glX module takes care of video output directly?
If i wish to use the functions in gl and glu by dlloading the libraries is there any chance for me to use the opengl functions?
If the vertex array functions handled in hradware with no output at all, is it posible to use them, thyen ouput somehow, i don't know to the framebuffer?

Thunderbird 08-24-02 01:20 PM

glx is the glue for X and nvidia's opengl drivers. There's no way for what you want. What's the problem with X?

It is not that bloated as everyone is saying.

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