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StarCat 04-29-03 10:57 AM

I am running RTCW and everything works except when i first launch the game. I have to open the console and connect to a server before i can use any of the options menu. If i go to online browser in the game nothing works when i click on a link. I open the console and get these errors
UI_MP/ known menu item keyboard modle
UI_MP/ Unknown menu notogle

Although I dont get this error in game, its anoying cause i cant set options or use the onle game browser.

Any help?

StarCat 04-29-03 11:14 AM

the game is only working in SP mod or dingle player
evertime i try to connect to a server from the console i get booted back to the main screen.

bwkaz 04-29-03 11:57 AM

I'd try talking to Id, considering they did the Linux port of that game. www.idsoftware.com

Although actually, before you do that, do you have the latest point release?

I cannot possibly see how this could be a video driver issue, btw...

StarCat 04-29-03 12:02 PM

its error in ui.mp.i386.so
yes most current NV drivers
i could be starting rtcw client wrong
any sugestions on how to start it? Its acually a Quake engine.
I can connect on line now but still cant access the main browser or options.
even when i click quit the screen blinks and dosent do anything.
i installed with --opengl-headers option too
but that didnt help
Ive got a G4 t400

bwkaz 04-29-03 12:10 PM

No, I meant the latest point release of Wolfenstein.

I'm using 1.1b, but I'm almost positive that that version is horribly old. Look around on Id's FTP site for a newer version than whatever you have.

But I don't play multiplayer, so I've never bothered starting it up specially. I think you can do wolf_mp, but I don't know for sure.

StarCat 04-29-03 12:22 PM


StarCat 04-29-03 02:37 PM

this one a stumper i guess =[

bwkaz 04-29-03 05:59 PM

Yeah, I don't really know... :(

Anyone else?

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