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v1rtu0s1ty 03-13-08 04:03 PM

DVI out on my 6600GT
Hi folks,

I've used my DVI output before to my CRT HDTV and works great. I know that is analog signal since in my CRT HDTV, my connection is RGBHV.

Just curious, can the 6600GT's DVI port output digital. If so, does it depend on the software being used?


XDanger 03-15-08 12:30 AM

Re: DVI out on my 6600GT
(D)igital (V)ideo (I)nterface

SLippe 03-15-08 02:33 AM

Re: DVI out on my 6600GT

Originally Posted by XDanger
(D)igital (V)ideo (I)nterface


VGA is Analog, DVI is Digital.

duralisis 03-25-08 07:37 AM

Re: DVI out on my 6600GT
The OP is not as clueless as you might think.

There are 3 different versions of DVI:

DVI-A (analog passthrough)
DVI-D (digital only)
DVI-I (digital and analog)

Then there's single and dual link, but that only refers to the number of pins and available bandwidth for DVI-D. The key difference with DVI-A is that there is a set of 4 pins on the left side of the connector which pass through a VGA signal, the signal itself is not digital.

Older monitors and video cards were sometimes unable to show a BIOS screen, or anything before the driver initializes, via DVI-D and so the analog passthrough could still output a signal.

The OP probably has a DVI-I cable with the pins on it for analog and his TV is picking up that signal first. The 6600GT absolutely can do digital only, but it's a matter of his cabling choice in this case. I would get a DVI-D only cable (dual link, look for the full grid of pins) to try and force it. Otherwise his TV may have only had a DVI port for compatibility and is really only analog.

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