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m2- 04-29-03 03:16 PM

1.0-4363 / 2.4.21-rc1 / Athlon 900 / KT133 == no go
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Ok, like I said before, the combination above is a no go. The X server is pegged at 100% CPU. XFree86.0.log file attached.

Andy Mecham 04-29-03 05:50 PM

Does disabling AGP help?

That's a prerelease kernel - i'll check it out.


m2- 04-30-03 08:20 AM

Uhm... yes, that's a prerelease kernel...
... which happens to be working ok on another 9 machines or so. Let me see if I can find something similar along that mix...

I have a machine with the same configuration, with a GeForce3 (bios -- if that helps you) but an Athlon 1200 (no XP) instead of an Athlon 900. It's working with the NVIDIA AGP driver. The machine with the problem is working with the agpgart driver. Let me see if I can manage to stop the Xserver...

go make some coffee, this will take a while...

Nope... NvAGP set to 1 and it still doesn't work.

bwkaz 04-30-03 10:28 AM

Out of curiosity, does the problem follow the CPU around? If you switch CPUs, does it happen on the box that you put the Athlon 900 into? Or does it still only happen in the first box?

Andy Mecham 04-30-03 12:53 PM

I'd also be interested to know if your sbios revisions were the same.


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