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jadajada 04-29-03 03:22 PM

4363 and old XF86Config file
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I have a XF86Config file that I save and reuse when I reinstall. I currently use drivers verson 4191. When I installed drivers 4349 that config file did not work anymore. Can anyone tell me if my file will work on 4363 or what I have to edit to get it working? I use two setups with TwinView. When I use my tv I log in and start a second xserver with this command --> startx -- :1 -layout TwinViewTV and I get 800x600 desktop for movies and such.

I'm very pleased with this setup and would hate to reedit one from scratch again. It caused me a lot of headaches the last time.

XF86 is attached. To sum up: Will this file work with 4363? It works with 4191, but not 4349.

bwkaz 04-29-03 05:49 PM

Try it. If it doesn't work, attach your /var/log/XFree86.0.log file.

It's hard to say whether any given config file will just work fine; it's much easier to try to fix a problem that definitely is showing up. ;)

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