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beermu 04-29-03 06:22 PM

how do I exit out from kde and x server?
I'm trying to install nvidia drivers in Mandrake 9.1. However I can't figure out how to get out of kde and x server. It loads automatically and I don't see any options to exit out of it. Very weird. I remember see a way to exit out in earlier distributions. Can anybody help me out? Thanks!

bwkaz 04-29-03 09:20 PM

During the installation, don't select "GUI login" or "start X automatically" or whatever Mandrake calls it now. :p

A better way than that, though, is to become root and edit /etc/inittab. Change this line:


to be this instead:


Save and exit, and then either reboot, or /sbin/init 3 as root.

Actually, you can /sbin/init 3 as root without editing the inittab file, if you want, but the next time you boot, X will try to load. If something doesn't work right, it's usually possible to fix, as long as you can boot to something other than X. Which is why I tell people to edit the inittab file.

beermu 04-29-03 09:57 PM

thanks! that's just the info i needed.

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