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ehathgepiurhe 03-18-08 10:24 PM

cl_strengthscale Question
Hi everyone,

I've been experimenting with the cl_strengthscale command. There are a few youtube videos around (such as this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8W2vj9FBJg) showing people being launched into space when using this command, but I cannot get it to work on my end. Punching static objects (like barrels, cars etc) - the command works great (set at 3000 at my end). Cars especially fly impressively far when punched (and explode instantly too). But I just can't get people to launch. If I punch them, they just keel over like they do when you normal strength punch them (ie when strengthscale is set to the default of 1), and if I grab them and then punch them, they fly no further than they normally do in vanilla Crysis. Does anyone know the secret of getting this to work with people? I did wonder if it was a version specific thing (demo only maybe or something) - I'm patched to v1.2.



K007 03-18-08 10:38 PM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question

CaptNKILL 03-18-08 10:54 PM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
Did you use -DEVMODE like the guy in the comments said? Or did you use the editor?

ehathgepiurhe 03-19-08 12:10 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
@K007: Yeah, it is as funny as anything watching how far some of those objects fly. I was walking around the first island (the first level), and after taking care of some enemies, I decided to punch their vehicle. I punched it - it exploded and kept on going...and going...and going...until it landed about 5 feet away from that 'HQ on the hill where you gather your first bit of intel'. The spot I punched it from was over the other side of the bay! lol - I bet it scared the life out of the dozen or so enemies patrolling inside that HQ compound! (I just wish I had FRAPS recording at the time, it would have been so awesome had the flaming wreck of the car landed on the HQ building itself, demolishing it or setting fire to the explosive barrel there)

CaptNKILL: This is in-game. I have just tried adding that devmode switch to the Crysis shortcut, and it seems to have made no difference. Anything I punch apart from the enemies flies - but the enemies just refuse to go any further than what they normally do when punched in strength mode. I also have just fired up the editor. I'm not familiar with it, but I believe I was able to play through a bit of the first level - and again, the same thing. Setting strengthscale to 3000 causes cars and barrels to fly, but not enemies. Yet that youtube video clearly shows people flying too. I don't know what the problem is.


ehathgepiurhe 03-19-08 02:36 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
Ok, I think I've made some progress. Some further research indicates that Crytek changed the damage done to the enemies by punching or melee attack in patch 1.2. So, options at this stage are:

1. Go back to Crysis 1.0

2. Try and work out what Crytek did (I'm wondering if it is due to the strict violence in video game laws they have in Crytek's home country, their censor board may not have liked the idea of being able to throw humans miles into the sky!) - and 'un-mod' it.

I'm trying the second way. I've never created a mod before (unless you count the 'making sniper rifle reticule in Far Cry bright red instead of grey so it stands out against the grey of the merc's uniforms - and I think I probably fluked that rather than putting it down to any skill on my part), so I will see how I go. Thus far (about an hours work), I've had some success - certainly the enemies now fly a lot further than they do in the un-modded version (not necessarily saying that I am adjusting the correct parameters for this problem, but the ones I am adjusting are having some effect). The distance they fly now is impressive, but it's not quite the 'over the top' distance I am looking for.

If I get it fully up and working (it's not being recognised by the Crysis 'mods' menu at the moment, but I am loading it via the command line - no idea what the problem is there), I will post a link here for download for anyone else who is interested in it. In the meantime, if anyone can shed any further light on what I should be modding (I'm playing with the 'impulse' values in fists.xml and offhand.xml), then please post here.



ehathgepiurhe 03-19-08 03:43 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
Ok, some better news. I have basically managed to achieve what I wanted. People now fly miles into the air when punched in Crysis 1.2 :)

It wasn't the Impulse setting, it was the Damage setting. The notes below are what I found via experimenting. To understand the below info, there are two ways to punch someone: first is to simply run up to someone and punch them, second is to run up to them, grab them and then punch them while holding them. There are also two types of punches: first is simply the normal 'non strength mode' punch, the second is the 'nanosuit strength mode' punch.

Fists.xml - 'Damage' controls fist strength when you grab plus punch someone. However, it does not control the fist strength when you simply punch someone.

OffHand.xml - Based on the above, 'Damage' would logically control fist strength when you plain punch someone. Seemingly illogically however, setting Fists.xml back to the default Damage value and then simply changing Damage in OffHand.xml does not alter your punching. But - setting both files to the same (changed) values does affect both grab plus punch and normal punch.

There are 2 copies of each file - one in {path to Crysis folder}\Game\GameData.pak and the other in {path to Crysis folder}\Game\ZPatch1.pak. In the modding, I am using the one from {path to Crysis folder}\Game\ZPatch1.pak - I assume that GameData.pak contains the v1.0 xml file and ZPatch1.pak contains the v1.1/v1.2 xml file.

Impulse I believe is sort of like momentum. In Fists.xml, the GameData.pak version was 180, while in ZPatch1.pak version it is only 60. So, Crytek changed it in one of the patches. The effect I believe it has is that in patched Crysis, enemies slump to the ground when strength punched, whereas in un-patched Crysis, they fly a small way through the air and slide along the ground a bit (to me, the latter looks better).

Problems (need to fix before I provide a download link, though anyone can just go in, extract the xml's from their Crysis installation and mod them themselves without a download link):
-Mod is not recognised in the Crysis mod menu - I believe I have followed the Sandbox 2 manual correctly here so I don't know why (currently loading the mod via the command line): http://doc.crymod.com/SandboxManual/...upSandbox.html)

-This mod affects normal punching, so if you normal punch a enemy, they fly miles through the air. Strength mode punching is not required to get them to fly, though if you do strength punch, they presumably fly the same distance as the normal punch. Normal punching an object (car, barrel) is fine - a car won't budge, a barrel will only move a short distance. You still have to strength punch them to get them to fly. It would be nice if the change would only affect strength mode punching when it comes to the enemies.



*magic* 03-20-08 06:22 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
looks like the had to censor ii because the german rating board.

I would love to see the koreans fly :)

ehathgepiurhe 03-20-08 08:02 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
Yeah, I would tend to agree - I think they had to censor it. I've done some more testing on the changes I made, and these are my results based on my limited testing (limited because I've tested on one PC only, I want to re-verify these just in case I've recorded them wrongly). Ticks are what is working the way I want it, crosses are what is not working the way I want it:

Endgame (for enemies):
Type - What Mod Currently Does - Desired Effect
Normal Punch - Tick - Enemy goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Punch - Cross - Enemy goes Huge Distance
Grab plus Normal Punch - Tick - Enemy goes Normal Distance
Grab plus Strength Mode Punch - Tick - Enemy goes Huge Distance
Normal Grab plus Throw - Tick - Enemy goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Grab plus Throw - Tick - Enemy goes Huge Distance
Normal Melee without Weapon - Cross - Enemy goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Melee without Weapon - Tick - Enemy goes Huge Distance
Normal Melee with Weapon - Tick - Enemy goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Melee with Weapon - Tick - Enemy goes Normal Distance*

Endgame (for objects)**:
Type - What Mod Currently Does - Desired Effect
Normal Punch - Tick - Object goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Punch - Tick - Object goes Huge Distance
Normal Grab plus Throw - Tick - Object goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Grab plus Throw - Tick - Object goes Huge Distance
Normal Melee without Weapon - Tick - Object goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Melee without Weapon - Tick - Object goes Huge Distance
Normal Melee with Weapon - Tick - Object goes Normal Distance
Strength Mode Melee with Weapon - Tick - Object goes Huge Distance

*Doesn't follow the pattern of 'normal-huge-normal-huge' (reading from top to bottom)
**With objects, Grab plus Punch is equivalent to Grab plus Throw

Apart from those couple of crosses (which I want to see if I can get worked out), it still isn't being recognised by the Crysis mod menu. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a problem with the Mod menu, seeing as how it was only introduced in v1.2. I'm confident that I've followed the instructions in the Sandbox 2 manual to the letter...



*magic* 03-20-08 08:40 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
sounds awesome ;)
I would love to have the koreans fly if I switch in strength mode and throw them and punch and throw them.
looks like this is already working in your mod.
but I dont like the unrealistic things on this mod ,so how i can I exclude this and have only the strength mode power ?

In vanilla 1.2 throwing an enemy in strenght mode while punching before works.
but throwing him without punching works 50 %.
do you managed it to get 100 % ?

and for the mod menu,check this out :



ehathgepiurhe 03-23-08 01:05 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
2 Attachment(s)
Hi everyone,

Haven't had much PC time over the last couple of days, but I have managed to get it finally working in the Crysis mod menu. I did have the info.xml file in the right place, but the xml file has to be formatted exactly right, and mine wasn't quite there. Now that it is, the mod is recognised by Crysis without the command line. Problem is, when you load it up via the Crysis mod menu, you cannot select any of your old save games (so you would probably need to start a new game). The post that *magic* linked to would indicate this is by design in Crysis (you load a mod, you have to start a new game), so you may have to load it via the command line after all if you wish to use your current save games. Anyway, I have zipped up what I have so far and have attached it to this post.

The Sandbox2 manual indicates that you should zip up the 'game' folder first and name it 'gamedata.pak'. That's not strictly necessary, but I've done it anyway (it can never hurt following what is in the manual). Basically, to install it, you just need to unzip it to the correct directory structure. Assuming your game is installed to C:\Program Files\Crysis, then you need to unzip this to:
C:\Program Files\Crysis\Mods\
The way the zip is structured SHOULD (I say should because it to a certain extent depends on how you unzip it) hopefully create a 'punchingmod' folder just below the mods folder, giving you:
C:\Program Files\Crysis\Mods\PunchingMod - and inside the 'punchingmod' folder should be a xml, a jpg and a pak. If it doesn't unzip correctly, just unzip it to a temp folder somewhere, and then simply move the files across to the correct folder path. Now just load up Crysis, and select it from the Mod menu. If you want to use your current saves, change the Crysis shortcut command line, so the Target line reflects what is in the attached jpg. According to what I've read on crymod, the devmode switch is currently required to load a mod from the command line. The info I gathered indicates that this was a mistake on Crytek's part which they plan to rectify in a later patch. Oh, one last thing - when you load up the mod, you need to also enable cl_strengthscale. There are a few ways to do this - you can do it via an autoexec.cfg file, you can edit the diff .cfg files in ...Crysis\Game\Config\ or you can do it via the console when in Crysis itself. Open up the console (~) type in con_restricted = 0, press Enter and then enter cl_strengthscale = 3000 and press Enter. Personally I've edited the diff .cfg files, I hate typing that in everytime I load Crysis but it is up to you. Also, the 3000 can be any value you wish - the default in Crysis is '1'.

At the moment, I would call this a 0.8 release, as I haven't had time to check out those couple of crosses (I've only had time to play with the mod detection since I've logged on today), but at least anyone else wishing to can have a play with it.

A final note on the mod too - I set the damage in the xml files to 6000. A value such as 8000 produces a more impressive distance (I don't know what the maximum allowable value is), but I turned it back to 6000 because I wanted to see the people land after I had thrown them. At 8000, frequently the people would just fly out of sight, even with binoculars enabled. Feel free to change this value to whatever you wish.

@*magic*: Which unrealistic things were you referring to? Like a lot of games, Crysis has a small amount of things hardcoded into the engine and the rest is basically based on scripts (frequently lua, http://www.lua.org/). You extract the relevant xml file from the installed pak files, edit it to suit your tastes, and then load that back into Crysis itself. To make changes to this mod, you simply have to make changes to the xml files inside gamedata.pak (there is only two of them, Fists.xml and OffHand.xml). The trick is to work out what you need to change to get the desired result. There are some experienced scripters around who could probably point you to the exact line in an instant, but I'm not one of them so I had to take the other route - trial and error. I had to extract the files from the Crysis installed pak's, make 'change x' to 'file y', load up Crysis and see what the effect was. It took a couple of hours to get it to where it is at the moment (most of that admittedly was loading Crysis, it isn't the fastest loading game ever coded). Admittedly there are some things that you just can't change with the scripts (some are hardcoded into the Crysis engine itself and would require Crytek to change them), but I don't believe this is one of them. Anyway, if you let me know which ones you were referring to, I might be able to guide you to the correct values.



bob saget 03-23-08 05:23 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
lol some of those guys went into orbit i think.

ehathgepiurhe 03-23-08 10:51 AM

Re: cl_strengthscale Question
Hi bob,

Yeah, they do actually, even with the value set to 6000 (though I've just remembered that the value for the throwing of NPC's is set separately, and I increased that from 1.8 to 10 - the 6000 is only for the punching and melee). I think it depends a bit on the angle you release them at. Grabbing someone and then looking straight up into the sky and then throwing them gives them a pretty good distance, but grabbing them and looking directly horizontal means they don't go quite as far because they tend to hit the ground first. Actually, flinging people around the place has made me wonder what the best angle would be to get maximum distance from them ;)

(and what happens when you grab someone, start running and then fling them - does the run up give you extra distance like it does with a shot-putter?) lol


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