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Mr Bigman 03-20-08 10:24 PM

WHy is this section so least looked at?

There is always only a few members in the section and now none.

This is a very popular field now a days cuz of people migrating to larger LCD's and HTPC's.

But this section has very little traffic.

People on this forum aren't that into the HTPC arena?

SH64 03-20-08 10:33 PM

Re: Why?
Yep i guess you can conclude this.

most members here are interested in games & graphics hardware.

crainger 03-21-08 03:35 AM

Re: Why?
Don't start this crap again Bigman. Whiners are becoming less and less tolerated vim.

As SH64 said, this is a mostly high end hardware/gaming/spam forum. If you want a HT answer quick try avsforums.

|MaguS| 03-21-08 08:51 AM

Re: Why?
I think its because you touch yourself at nights...

Mr Bigman 03-21-08 09:12 AM

Re: Why?
I know, i know.

I don't want to come off as being a complainer, but HTPC is becoming so popular and its good to see what peopple are doing with HTPC and its good to see what tips and tricks people done with their HTPC setups.

I use AVSforums alot for info and their very good but i like a one stop shop all can eat forum that gives it all. Thats why i was hoping folks here would flock to this section alot more.

I hate to admit it but HTPC is more popular in the home more than anything now.

Its all about meida.

jcrox 03-21-08 10:21 AM

Re: Why?
I just got interested, got my TV last weekend. Gimme a bit to get going on the stuff.

ViN86 03-21-08 11:15 AM

Re: Why?
what? this forum is actually very popular. i always see people in here and there are many good threads.

just because you never come here does not mean no one comes here. :headexplode:

methimpikehoses 03-21-08 11:42 AM

Re: Why?
It's all about the benjamins. I need more of them to get the |eet TV.

ViN86 03-21-08 12:13 PM

Re: Why?
i bought a 42" 1080i rear projection Hitachi from my pops for $400 so i am in the cool tv crowd now.

jcrox 03-21-08 01:29 PM

Re: Why?

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses
It's all about the benjamins. I need more of them to get the |eet TV.

My 42" 1080P was only $900.... you just gotta pay attention and look around :cool:

Mr Bigman 03-21-08 07:18 PM

Re: Why?
The reason i brought it up was when i see vewing numbers, i always see only a few like 2 or 4 members but that could be those browsing and not posting too.

To me, HTPC is as popular as apple pie and crysis.

Its the in thing vim.

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