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seeker 03-21-08 06:58 PM

FusionHDTV7 Gold RT\EVGA 7800GS CO
My new FusionHDTV7 Gold RT tuner arrived today, and I'm in the process of installing it. The software requires selecting the hardware configuration, but the specs for Nvidia are divided between DxVA and non-DxVA cards. DxVA means nothing to me except that it deals with DirectX and the minimum cards are all so old that they do not make it obvious which an EVGA 7800GS CO falls into. There are options for ATI and also all other cards that do not fit into these three groups, but I tend to doubt that is right for this. Would someone explain DxVA for me, or just verify for me whether my graphics card has it or not?

seeker 03-21-08 08:51 PM

Re: FusionHDTV7 Gold RT\EVGA 7800GS CO
I figured out my original question, but I have another...I only have an analog antenna at the moment, does that explain why it didn't scan anything except analog channels? Of about 13 channels available it only found 4 and only two of those display. I could probably improve that by playing with the antenna, but if a HDTV antenna is a must, then there isn't really any point.

nrdstrm 03-22-08 01:31 PM

Re: FusionHDTV7 Gold RT\EVGA 7800GS CO
Probably has to do with where you live or where the antenna is placed. When I worked in a computer store, we had a TV with a QAM tuner in it. We simply hooked up a regular tv antenna to it, however we did place it in the ceiling for the best possible signal (We couldnt place it on the roof due to limitations in our lease)...The TV got all of the OTA stations. A few didn't come in too well though and would artifact from time to time, but those were mostly the sub channels, not the main channels...

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