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Heinzftw 03-24-08 04:12 AM

SLI problem?
So after many upon many threads. I figured out that my 2nd 8800GT is a bad card. Once set in SLI it bogs down extremely bad. Giving me 10,000 range marks in 3DMark06. I will RMA it and see what happens next!! I don't understand even now with my Q6600 at 3.5ghz and 1 8800GT im still gettin 13,601 scores. It seems that I should easily break 16k!! Anyone wanna explain for the noob I am? (nana2)


Revs 03-24-08 05:33 AM

Re: SLI problem?
You need to have a very high FSB to get the high scores. What's yours set at?

TBH your score is pretty good for one GT.

malachi1313 03-24-08 11:30 PM

Re: SLI problem?
Make sure in control panel you have"force alternate frame rendering 1" selected

Heinzftw 03-24-08 11:51 PM

Re: SLI problem?
My Q6600 is running QDR at 1555 = 3.5 ghz Multi: 9
Ram DDR: 888
Im extremely new to overclocking. Watercooling my processor is awesome for all those amazing mistakes I make!! So am I doing good so far?!? :captnkill:

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