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eskuai 03-25-08 09:15 AM

NVIDIA Linux drivers 2.6.24-rt* ??

I wonder,

how can i do to install nvidia drivers
with Linux 2.6.24-rt*, this is the kernel realtime ...

is the same process to 2.6.24 and 2.6.25 ... 2.6.2X ?

can anyone post patch files ?

thank you

pawels133 03-25-08 09:32 AM

Re: NVIDIA Linux drivers 2.6.24-rt* ??
It's the same proces to 2.6.24. If you wish to install NVIDIA binary drivers with 2.6.25 look at one of sticky posts.

eskuai 04-07-08 03:08 AM

NVIDIA Linux drivers for 2.6.24-rt and

you're right, lastest nvidia drivers work with, but, i got a problem ...

i cant start my fedora box using differents kernels, for example,

if i boot using i need to install nvidia drivers to create module version kernel.

but, next time, i boot using fedora kernel,, it can no get nvidia driver module
X server shows a error about version module.

how can i do to get two nvidia modules for differents kernels version?

thank you

Dragoran 04-07-08 03:48 AM

Re: NVIDIA Linux drivers 2.6.24-rt* ??
Boot the kernel you want to compile the module for in runlevel 3.
do ./NVIDIA ... -K
(for every kernel you have)

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