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ChaoticNick 03-25-08 08:03 PM

PCI Upgrade
I'm going to purchase a PCI graphics card (:headexplode: )for my friends pretty old computer, so he can play source engine games (css). He has a P4 2.something GHz cpu, 1gb ddr ram, and onboard graphics. I've been looking around a bit and came up with these:



I was surprised to see the 2400 for PCI, but will the PCI bus just limit it too much? How is it over the 6200?

Also, what are your guys' experiences buying PC parts new and/or used from ebay? Or where else can I PCI cards for cheap (as in, cheaper than newegg)?

XDanger 03-26-08 11:51 AM

Re: PCI Upgrade
theres a nv 8500 in pci also

ChaoticNick 03-26-08 12:25 PM

Re: PCI Upgrade
Interesting, but the problem is, where are they sold?

XDanger 03-26-08 01:27 PM

Re: PCI Upgrade
ebay, Cant see any listed through pricegrabber ,expensive also for what they are.
All from the uk also.

2400 is the best bet ,

As far as ebay is concerned ,just look very carefully at feedback and the listing and you shouldn't end up getting shafted.

ChaoticNick 03-26-08 01:59 PM

Re: PCI Upgrade
I found a brand new 6200 I can probably win for only $10 USD. I think I'll go for that rather than anything more pricey.

Think it'll run CSS fine at 800x600 or 1024x768 res?

XDanger 03-26-08 02:15 PM

Re: PCI Upgrade
source will run fine on a casio calculator

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