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desau13 04-30-03 03:24 PM

Multiple card support? (kernel module load problem)
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Running vanilla RedHat 9.

I've tried running the 4363 and 4349 drivers on this config, each time I'm getting the same error ("Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!")

I'm wondering if perhaps the XF86 nvidia driver doesn't support different nv chipset cards.

This is what I've got:

- PCI nVidia Vanta
- AGP nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440

I've attached the log and config file.

In the attached config file, I tried commenting out the vanta card totally.. just to run single head with the Gf4MX.. I still get the same error.

Any advice?


bwkaz 04-30-03 05:08 PM

/sbin/modprobe nvidia as root before you startx as your normal user.

If it still fails, check your kernel logs for (hopefully) the reason why. About 90% of the time, it's because you have PnP OS turned on in your BIOS (it should be off), or you have "Assign IRQ to VGA" turned off (it should be on). Of course, those aren't the only reasons, but they are the most common. :)

desau13 04-30-03 06:40 PM

Hmm.. before running startx, I tried this:


which showed nvidia loaded. Is that the same thing?

I'm not sure about the BIOS settings -- I'll have to reboot and check..


bwkaz 04-30-03 07:49 PM

Yes, that is the same thing. :)

Check the kernel logs to be sure.

desau13 05-01-03 11:13 AM

You nailed that one.

Both of those BIOS settings were incorrect.

I set them correctly and now it works great.


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