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Noriega 03-27-08 09:53 AM

iPod problem
I've got iPod Nano 8GB. Battery was dead and it tuned off. I put it for recharge but it didin't turn on again. What to do? holding select and play doesn't help, iTunes don't see it.

amk21 03-27-08 10:48 AM

Re: iPod problem
Here are a few possible solutions:

Plug it into a different usb port.
Plug it into a different computer.
Try to use some one else cable, yours may be bad.

If none of my suggestions help, you battery is most likely shot, send in back to apple if your aer still under their one year warranty.

crainger 03-27-08 03:50 PM

Re: iPod problem
Plug it into the mains power and just leave it over night.

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