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XDanger 03-28-08 01:23 AM

This seems like a good price for a projector

I wonder if they'd actually send me it ,if it were in stock??

Even if it didnt include the lamp thats still only about 200

Bman212121 03-28-08 07:12 AM

Re: This seems like a good price for a projector
Heh, they are probably trying to get rid of them because they are horrible projectors. Looks to me like a clearance item left over from a few years ago. You might be able to get it, but I would doubt the quality of the unit given the specs.

Okay, I just looked up on the manufaturer's site, and they don't even list that as a projector. So either it's made up and is a scam, or it's so old they don't even list it as a discontinued product.

I found something else interesting, with a little url modification there is actually still a page listing on optoma.co.uk. They just don't link to it anywhere. http://www.optoma.co.uk/projectordet...ness&PC=DS305R

If they won't even acknowledge they have such a model then my advise is to not waste your money.

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