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Redeemed 03-28-08 11:20 PM

Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
Anybody here try it? Just curious what the general opinion of it is. :D I'm kinda' fond of it, though it seems kinda' slow and sorta' buggy on my rig.

Redeemed 03-28-08 11:25 PM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
Hmm... it is just too slow for me. Think I'm gonna' wipe this install and try Kubuntu 7.10 on here. Not sure which one will perform the best on this rig.

Redeemed 03-29-08 12:11 AM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
Well, kubuntu 7.10 does seem faster. Think I'll be keeping Kubuntu on this rig.

Redeemed 03-29-08 02:08 AM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
And I'm back... Kubuntu kept crashing left and right. Just wasn't at all stable. So, I put Ubuntu back on and I'm liking it a lot more. For what this OS is doing, it runs relatively fast on this rig. I'm really curious to see just how well it performs on my new setup once it arrives. :D

Ubuntu 8.04 for me. :D

Redeemed 03-29-08 04:14 PM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
Sooo... I'm the only person on this forum that's tried Ubuntu 8.04?

My bro is letting me borrow his 6800GS, and I came across my old 5950Ultra. So regardless of which card I use, I'll have a slightly better system in a few minutes. Looking forward to installing it. :)

Redeemed 03-29-08 04:25 PM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
This 6800GS is working like a champ. LOVING IT!!! :D

It's almost like this is a whole new computer. Everything is quite a bit faster. Not sure how well it's working. Gonna' go try some 3D stuff. :p

Redeemed 04-05-08 01:33 PM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
This Compiz get-up is really rockin'. Only wish it worked 100%:


That's what it looks like if I have a Windows open in one of the desktops.

And if I don't have a window open, it looks normal:


Could be in incompatibility with the SLi, or something entirely different. Not sure yet.

Redeemed 04-05-08 04:24 PM

Re: Ubuntu 8.04 beta...
Well, I'm having a rather difficult time getting my DVDs to even play. Wondering if there's a plugin I'm missing...

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