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Hugo# 03-29-08 12:37 AM

gl and compiz-fusion problems fixed
Since ages i'm searching for fixing my compiz-fusion problems.
It was just working with xgl and not with xorg and nv-native...
(major problems: no nv-settings and just a sgi-gl-server @ bad 2D-speed)

Often i found the hint with the option '--no-libgl-fallback', but
never where i should set it.

Now i found the info here: http://otmanix.de/2008/02/27/compiz-...-opensuse-103/

Compiz, GL and NV-Settings are working perfect now...
... perhaps i'm not allone with this prob.

otmanix 03-30-08 08:17 AM

modify config-file for start of fusion-Icon (add no-libgl-fallback option because of problems with library /usr/lib/libIndirectGL.so.1):
/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/FusionIcon/data.py (64bit) or
/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/FusionIcon/data.py (32bit)

compiz_args = ['--replace', '--no-libgl-fallback', '--sm-disable', '--ignore-desktop-hints', 'ccp']

best regards, Otmanix

lucy2loose 03-30-08 09:29 AM

Re: gl and compiz-fusion problems fixed
Not sure if my problem is the same as yours was.

My problem is with compix on the entire system can freeze. ctrl-alt-f1 won't work
to get me to an ascii terminal. I even tried ssh from another machine but my main Linux machine completely locks.

It doesn't lock straight away, only after I've been using the machine for a while, at first I thought it was a problem with the screensaver because if that came on then the machine locked, but after disabling the screensaver it still happens.

Suse 10.3
ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus nForce 680i SLI
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00GHz 4MB Cache 1333MHz FSB
Asus 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 DVI PCI-E
Running latest NV drivers.

Hugo# 03-31-08 09:27 PM

Re: gl and compiz-fusion problems fixed
Seems that you have a different problem.

I had no crash, compiz was working fine - just with xgl (SGI-Server) and not with xorg (NV-Server).

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