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Dark Dante 05-01-03 01:25 PM

Mandrake 9.1 sloooow
Downloaded the latest driver installer. Everything went fine. Edited XFree86-Config4. glxinfo and pdyinfo show everything is correct, direct rendering enabled, etc. Checked /var/log, everything looks correct, Nvidia GLX, etc. Problem is, all gl programs run really, really slowly. Gears runs fine in tiny window, but full screen slows to a crawl. This means hardware acceleration is disabled? Tuxracer, celestia, are unplayable. Am thinking maybe some GL or GLU is linking to Mesa instead of Nvidia.

Using Dell Inspiron 8100 with Geforce 2.

yojimbo 05-01-03 03:01 PM

I'm having the same problem...
Hi, I'm having your exact same problem.. I did all the fine tuning to get the Nvidia card set right, I see the Nvidia splash screen, But any game that uses 3D or open gl run so slow you cant play them... P4 2.53GHZ, Nvidia GF4 MX 440, 512MB DDR400 is my setup.. I have a thread going.. see the 'MDK 9.1 still shows Nvidia card as 'generic' thread...

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