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volt 07-29-02 12:59 AM

Longhorn, won't ship until 2005
Wininformant.com reports that we should just sit back and enjoy our current version of Windows plus an upcoming Service Pack 1
That will create quite a big gap. Can you say XP SE ?


StealthHawk 07-29-02 01:30 AM

interesting. Tom's Hardware already reported this months ago, and now it appears like it is true. I was actually looking forward to Longhorn too. Oh well, looks like i'll be picking up a copy of XP:SE for sure then

volt 07-29-02 01:33 AM

Of course there will be the .NET server but who would use that for desktop :confused: That leaves us with two years of *nothing*

StealthHawk 07-29-02 01:52 AM

the way Microsoft "innovates" that really isn't so bad. I mean the changes from win95->winMe weren't that big. nothing that couldn't be done with free updates. in other words, no changes that really merited spending $90 a pop.

|JuiceZ| 07-29-02 08:23 PM

Well, I don't mind the time between releases, hopefully they'll use it wisely and correct the major concerns of the currently OSes and package it up into a reputible product......heh who am I kiddin' :rolleyes:

Actually, as long as they don't release winxp-me, I think we'll be ok ;)

PCarr78 07-29-02 08:28 PM

What *IS* longhorn anyway?

volt 07-29-02 09:09 PM

Windows with a long horn (umm i dunno)

StealthHawk 07-29-02 09:12 PM


Originally posted by [Corporal Dan]
What *IS* longhorn anyway?
for one it will have an all 3d interface. every window will be a texure, every effect will be 3d hardware accelerated. it is also supposed to be sporting a new interface.

the file system will be better by having files in a database system. since it keeps getting delayed i'm sure more features will be added to it. longhorn was originally going to be just a small update, like win98 from win95. Blackcomb was going to be the next major change for Windows(like XP was from 9x). however, MS decided to incorporate most of the changes into Longhorn instead.

netviper13 07-30-02 01:59 AM

I guess that means I won't have to plunk down another 150-200 bucks for an OS for a while.

Philibob 08-01-02 06:35 AM


I guess that means I won't have to plunk down another 150-200 bucks for an OS for a while.
...or another 300-400 on a graphics card to run it.

EDIT - Do you think MS will make it for GF3/R200 and above whilst being a fully 3D interface.

Spectral 08-01-02 10:21 AM

A 3d interface would be nice, and by the time it comes out Im sure it wouldnt effect performance too much.... Of course, I still know people who use Riva 128s and Pentium 200s.

Philibob 08-01-02 10:45 AM

What do you think it's minimum specs are?

I think:
1Ghz CPU
DX8 3d card

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