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mujtaba 08-24-02 11:37 PM

Option "NvAGP" "0" causes crash w/ OpenGL.
I don't have serious problems with the default AGP setting (which I believe uses AGPGART driver) , but I have had glitches with KDE 3.1 cvs OpenGL screensavers. I decided to disable AGP using Option "NvAGP" "0" to see if it improved things.

But now, when I run anything using OpenGL, it crashes the system with a garbled screen. I'm forced to push the reset button on my PC.

Once, I had to manually fsck my drive when I rebooted because of some inconsistency error.

I've since removed the option from my XF86Config-4, but I'm left wondering how its possible that disabling AGP would cause my system to crash like that? Does anybody have any idea about this?

I'm running Debian 3.0 woody, linux 2.4.16 and Nvidia module, 1.0.2313. I know they're not the latest versions. But things are working fine for now.


AMD Thunderbird 1000 Mhz
256 MB RAM
Abit KT133 KT7-RAID (RAID disabled : -) )
ASUS 7700 Deluxe
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1
Linksys 2.0 NIC
IBM Deskstar 45 GB

srlinuxx 08-25-02 10:33 AM

Have you tried "NvAGP" "1"? this tells X to initiate nvidia's internal agpgart instead of your system's. Many motherboards require that to even startx while other's need it for stability. I suggest you try that one.

Thunderbird 08-25-02 10:38 AM

Enabling agp ("NvAGP" "1") won't help since he has problems now. Before you try anything else upgrade your driver version.

"I'm running Debian 3.0 woody, linux 2.4.16 and Nvidia module, 1.0.2313. I know they're not the latest versions. But things are working fine for now."

Apparently the drivers aren't working fine. After driver 1.0-231x nvidia released three new driver versions. The latest one is 1.0-2960. Soon there will be a newer version again.

It is really important to try another nvidia driver if you have problems. Nvidia's drivers aren't allways that stable ....

srlinuxx 08-25-02 11:05 AM

Oh shoot, you're right I didn't even notice he was using such an old version of the drivers. I'm not even sure that was an option for them.

Yeah, I agree TB, he needs to try some newer drivers.


mujtaba 08-25-02 11:37 AM

But they DO work. Using AGPGART
But it does actually work using AGPGART. My system is quite stable. I was asking that if it does work with AGP enabled, then why wouldn't it work without it?


mujtaba 08-25-02 12:16 PM

Okay I figured it out. Pretty silly actually...
Okay I figured it out. Its pretty silly actually. You see, I never restarted linux after after disabling AGP. Everytime I rebooted (and fsck'd) after each crash, I put the AGP option back to default, before launching X again. This because I somehow believed that disabling AGP in my XF86Config-4 was the cause of my problem.

It was actually because the AGPGART driver was loaded in the kernel. Whenever X starts and AGP is enabled, it loads the AGPGART kernel module if it isn't already. When I disabled AGP in XF86Config-4 and ran X again (without rebooting), AGPGART was still loaded into the kernel. My guess is that AGPGART module some how changes they way AGP Bus behaves. When disabled, the AGP bus should act like a PCI bus. Perhaps the AGPGART module changes the bus' behavior and causes X to crash when it expects it to behave like a PCI bus. Again, thats just my guess. Please feel free to correct me.

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