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Naveen 04-02-08 05:13 PM

MM Kernel Mod Compilation Issue (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1, 169.12+) [patch was supplied]
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EDIT: Have not tried Valdis's patch yet, will report back at some point hopefully!

Hi All, thanks for having me here at your forums!

I have received a compile time error from the .run NVIDIA installer on an {EDIT: MM VARIANT}-rc kernel. I patched the 2 installers with the patch from the sticky here and ran both with expert mode install option. Both produced similar looking nvidia-installer logfile output, however, I'm no expert in that and that's what I'm looking for your help on here please.

My system; Arch Linux with stock and custom ( kernels. I built an 169.12 nvidia.ko module against successfully for this realtime kernel I'm running now. My kernel builds were done outside the Arch packaging system. Default Arch kernel .config was modified heavily/quickly :o

I built a 2.6.25-rc8-mm1 kernel using the recent patch and then tried to build against this. Error was different before patching the stock .run file. 171.06 also fails for me ?at?


I will attach the logs for my 169.12 patched installer, with the 171.06 patched installer (was looking to try the glyph cache out and see if 2 or 4 setting works for me). Either one may answer my question. Any other info I can also add in further posts below.

This one looks technical to me folks I don't have experience with the make output really at the moment to properly parse it fully. Please give me a hand here :afro2: Back on 169.12 on a 2.6.24-rt4 for now.

Thanks for your time !!! Havent done this kind of thing for a while ,,,

zander 04-02-08 06:34 PM

Re: User kernel Module Compile Error (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and 171.06/169.12) [technical]
Please note that -mm* kernels are experimental in nature and not every change included in them makes it to mainline kernels. I'll keep an an eye on this particular problem, but for the moment, I recommend that you use a stable (or at least more stable) kernel (pre-)release.

Naveen 04-02-08 06:44 PM

Re: User kernel Module Compile Error (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and 171.06/169.12) [techni
Thanks for your quick reply Zander ..... Appreciated .

EDIT: Thanks Valdis, API Change hey? :) Fair enough!

valdis 04-04-08 10:09 PM

Re: User kernel Module Compile Error (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and 171.06/169.12) [technical]
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Here's a totally-ugly but works-for-me patch for that particular specific-to-mm API change. Note in particular that the check against linux_version_code is busticated, and *will* do the wrong thing if you build it against a clean 2.6.25 tree when it's released. Feel free to change it to #if 0/#else/#endif instead.

Naveen 04-05-08 05:06 PM

linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 patch(es) result for nvidia kernel module driver.
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Hi Valdis , ,

I had a go with your patch (patched my 171.06-custom with it, pointing the patch towards usr/src/nv.c or similar....) but unfortunately the kernel module build still failed. I'll add my nvidia-installer log to this post to help out.... No need for this to be a priority in any way though ;) ;) ;) :cool: If we can't sort it out in this fashion I'll revisit this idea later.

Thanks for your help so far though!

valdis 04-07-08 12:39 AM

Re: User kernel Module Compile Error (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and 171.06/169.12) [technical]
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Well, *that* was dumb of me. There were multiple API changes for 25-rc8-mm1, and I managed to mis-diff my source tree and thus fail to get the *whole* patch in.

The changes were: (1) the change from .nopage to .fault in struct vm_operations_struct, which hit nv.c down around lines 1800-1850. (2) The removal of proc_root_driver - workaround in nv.c around line 613 (note that I *think* this one is safe for backporting without version checking), and (3) the change from ->memory to ->pages (workaround in os-agp.c). This of course assumes you've applied Zander's 25-rc8 patch first....

Naveen 04-07-08 09:30 AM

Re: User kernel Module Compile Error (linux-2.6.25-rc8-mm1 and 171.06/169.12) [technical]
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Hello Valdis ,

I'm gonna be off the net sometime soon so not sure how much more time I myself will be spending on this. However, I tried this new patch and I wasn't able to make my module again :/

I enclose a copy of terminal output during patching process (including command line string) and another nvidia-installer.log . Glad you were able to get it working anyroad. Please take a look if you have a chance - I'm quite new at this and may have missed something basic.

Ok Cheers Valdis! Both files will be showing below...

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