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aesaeion 04-03-08 02:57 AM

Problem with xgl quadhead
I recently tried nvidia/xgl with compiz and overall it runs much faster then regular Xorg does across my 4 screens however with xgl/compiz two of my monitors (my right 2) don't draw updates when I click on things, if I shade/unshade the windows it will show what should be there. I have xgl configured for xinerama and I would really like to know how to solve this problem.

With regular xorg+xinerama compiz doesn't work for me since randr and composite get disabled and I did not find anyway in compiz to make 4 indendent screens act like a single screen.

I am running 4 24inch lcds at 1920x1200 each with two monitors on each 8800GTS card. Opengl acceleration does work across all 4 monitors and under regular X I can maximize something across all 4 screens and still have it accelerate.

It would be great if this could be made to work since xgl is so much faster then regular quad head is with 8800GTS cards. Just scrolling windows is regular xorg usuallys causes my cpus to throttle up and X will chew up a fairly big chunk. However with xgl the cpus stay all the way down and X uses almost nothing while being far faster.

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