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linack 05-01-03 02:28 PM

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I am trying to Install some Apps that use OpenGL, It says that it cant find "libGLCore.so.1" I read the Nvidia_GLX/Readme file, and everything looks fine. I ran xdpyinfo and saw that GLX,NV_GLX, and NVIDIA_GLX, are all loaded. I also look in "/usr/lib" and the libGLCore is in fact there. I am running Redhat 8.0 with the latest NVidia drivers installed using the NVidia_Installer. If someone could help me find the problem that would be great.

bwkaz 05-01-03 02:54 PM

Can you post a copy-and-paste from the terminal that you're getting the error message in?

linack 05-01-03 03:32 PM

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Attached is a copy of what happens when using rpm -i to install the rpm files

bwkaz 05-01-03 04:41 PM

*smacks head against wall*

I hate it when RPM dependencies break... which is why I moved to LFS. But anyway... ;)

Maybe an rpm --updatedb might help? Maybe also try an ldconfig (though that shouldn't matter).

linack 05-01-03 06:10 PM

thanks for the idea, but still same errors

bwkaz 05-01-03 06:36 PM

Which distro is this, and which distro were your RPMs built for? Some RPM distros put the libGLcore and other nVidia libraries in directories other than /usr/lib; if the RPM was built for one of those distros, it won't work.

Does it help to install SDL-devel, X11R6-devel, and whatever other -devel packages (you'll also need make, gcc, and the other development stuff), then try to compile foobilliard (or BilliardGL) from source?

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