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eL_PuSHeR 05-01-03 02:47 PM

Need audio tool
Hi friends.

I'm looking for an freeware/shareware audio tool (ripper or grabber) that allow me to rip just a certain piece or interval from a CDDA track (audio CD) or from a sound file, i.e, let's assume I want to extract just the first 5 minutes from an audio track and save it to my hd. Thanks in advance. Windows Sound Recorder just suxx.

styles-T 05-01-03 06:46 PM

I know CDex is the best wripper IMO..not sure if it does partial rips..Im at work so I cant check..:(

ALobpreis 05-01-03 08:48 PM

I don't know any program that does exactly that. You should have to use something like the CDex named above, or AudioCatalyst, to rip the song, and then cut the part you want with SoundForge or CoolEdit, for example.
Or just press Rec and Stop in one of these last programs while you play the CD to record the desired part, and then save it as you want it. :cool:

CaptNKILL 05-01-03 09:59 PM

I agree, CDex is a great program, and once you get the files ripped, you should use Goldwave to edit any parts you want or dont want. Ive been using various version of GW for about 5 years.... ive never seen a better sound editing program. I havent tried version 5 yet, but im sure its great :)

BTW, it is shareware, but I think once you get used to it, its worth the cost to register... or, there are other ways to get around registration, but I cant talk about that here :naughty:

eL_PuSHeR 05-02-03 01:10 PM

Thanks everyone. I will post back if needed.

eL_PuSHeR 05-03-03 03:31 AM

CDex is COOOOOOL!!!!

Extract section from CD, yeah!!!

Thanks people. This is what I was looking for.

ricercar 05-03-03 04:11 AM

ProTools Free version is overkill, but will do what you want.

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