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bjlockie 04-09-08 09:03 AM

2 monitors
I have 2 LCD monitors and an 8800 with 2 DVI connectors.
One is 1280x1024, the other is 1650x1080,
My plan was to run tvtime on 1 monitor and use it as a tv.
I tried twinview and it seems to work except KDE has a few problems with it.
firefox uses huge buttons and sizing like it is running at 640x480.
Sometimes the close button for a window doesn't work.
Sometimes resizing a window doesn't work.
Sometimes moving a window doesn't work.
The clock is on the right side of the 2nd monitor, I want it to be on the right side of the monitor not running tvtime.

Tub 04-09-08 09:08 AM

Re: 2 monitors
The first one looks like wrong DPI-settings. I've added this to the Device section in my xorg.conf:

Option      "DPI" "96 x 96"
KDE 3.x works fine here using TwinView. Did you compile KDE with Xinerama support?

bjlockie 04-09-08 10:11 AM

Re: 2 monitors
I will recompile KDE.

bjlockie 04-10-08 07:57 PM

Re: 2 monitors
Got it working exactly as I wanted.

My 8800G seems to run hotter.
Core Temp: 60 degrees C
Ambient Temp: 48 degrees C

Should I get a better fan?
It's stable as is.
My video card looks like this:
I don't see a way of putting a different fan on it.

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