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breathemetal 04-14-08 06:16 PM

Quick OC Question
I know how to OC, but ive always wondered this.

Its RIGHT for the mem clock to go DOWN when the cpu clock goes UP right?

Dazz 04-14-08 06:22 PM

Re: Quick OC Question
With a nForce 6/7 board as it adjusts the multiplier, increasing the memory clock will up the clocks by changing to a diffrent memory to FSB multiplier. eg 10:12 rather then competing board which gives limited options of 1:1/1:2/3:5 etc.

breathemetal 04-14-08 06:34 PM

Re: Quick OC Question
ok...um. that made no sense to me lol

breathemetal 04-14-08 07:14 PM

Re: Quick OC Question
and whats the max safe load temp for a e6600?

grey_1 04-14-08 07:18 PM

Re: Quick OC Question
It depends on the chipset.

nf4 for example, raise the fsb using the default mem setting will raise the ram clocks also.

My P5K automatically sets a lower divider when raising the fsb, but I have to lower the multiplier myself, if I choose.

This way it keeps my ram at or below it's rated speed.

jcrox 04-15-08 12:02 AM

Re: Quick OC Question

Originally Posted by breathemetal
and whats the max safe load temp for a e6600?

I try not to get mine over 60c, it scares me... maybe someone that's not so chicken can chime in.

EDIT: I set my Memory ratio to linked.. synched... what ever its called where the Mem is 1/2 the FSB , 1600/800 x8 for 3.2ghz does very well for me.

john19055 04-25-08 01:23 AM

Re: Quick OC Question
I ran my E6600 at 3.6gig ,but I also tried to keep my tempertures under 60c under a load.I ran it with a 680 SLI board and ran the memory 1.1 ratio.It would do 3.8g,but I had to increase my voltage to much and it ran hotter then I liked.

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