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crazyowl 08-25-02 04:07 AM

color correction - digital vibrance

hi ... in my NVIDIA driver options in windoze there is an option in nview for color correction called digital vibrance ... i like to set this to high as the colors in video and games look more vivid..

my question is: Is there an equivalent option for the NVIDIA linux drivers and if so, how do i set it? How can i make it so its always set?

any reply''s / help greatly appreciated :-)

Thunderbird 08-25-02 05:14 AM

This option exists for linux too but it works a little different. On windows you can change Digitalvibrance on the fly. On linux digitalvibrance is a special option for the XF86Config(-4) file. To activate the changes you need to restart X.

To use DVC add a line:
Option "DigitalVibrance" "x" to your screen or device section of your XF86Config(-4) file.

Where "x" is 0 (0ff), 1(low), 2(medium) or 3(high).

crazyowl 08-25-02 05:26 AM


rollinncoaster 12-06-02 07:34 PM

I was wondering if there is any option to set brightness and contrast from the driver like in windows. For some reason the screen comes from the factory way too bright. I tried to set the OSD controls on my screen at 0 for brightness and contrast and it is still too bright.

I also tried the xgamma -gamma X.X command, that help a lot , but it is still too bright. I am getting very frustrated here, linux is great, but I cant stand that brightness. Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.


bwkaz 12-07-02 12:09 AM

What were you using for a gamma value? I believe the lowest is 0.001 (at least, the man page says they're passed with 3 digits of accuracy -- I'm just not sure on whether they can be negative or not)...

rollinncoaster 12-07-02 10:19 AM

My values for xgamma are as follows:

[root@amd root]# xgamma
-> Red 0.500, Green 0.500, Blue 0.500

Any advice will be appreciatted.

bwkaz 12-07-02 01:36 PM

Well, try setting it to 0.05 instead of 0.5. That'll be ten times less bright as it is currently, that should help at least a bit...

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