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stodgel 05-02-03 06:09 PM

XF86Config Options
I just installed the latest Nvidia drivers (1.0-4363) and in the readme, in Appendix D, it has the "XF86Config Options". It seems that hardware acceleration is disabled by default, but can very easily be enabled. The only thing that I found that was not clear at all is, where do you put this in the XF86Config-4 file? It has to be entered entirely because "harware acceleration disabled" is not already there.
Now in the PDF file on Nvidia's site, it has something similar, it states "to enable harware acceleration specify on".
I don't know about any of this, I am new to this, I would just like to know if anyone has any experience with this and already knows how to go about doing this. Maybe the PDF is an updated version for the latest drivers or something, I don't know.
Any information on this would be appreciated.

daclink 05-02-03 06:35 PM

This belongs in the section "Device" which specifies the graphics card that you want to enable hardware acceleration on.

I assume you talking about the command
Option "RenderAccel" "true"


stodgel 05-02-03 06:53 PM

Yes that's it. Does it matter how it's worded? Do you have to write in the word option?
This is how it is in the PDF on Nvidia's site.

"Option “RenderAccel” “boolean”
Default: Option “RenderAccel” “off” disables hardware acceleration of
the “RENDER” extension.
To enable hardware acceleration of the “RENDER” extension, specify “on” in
the above statement."

daclink 05-03-03 04:47 AM

I think they just mean use true and false to turn it on and off.(although i could be wrong, it's badly worded)

In any case to turn on Render Acceleration you would insert exactly the following (this is what i have in my config file):

Option "RenderAccel" "true"

Hope that works for you.


stodgel 05-03-03 03:20 PM

Thanks. I've taken care of it.
Do you notice any difference with and without acceleration enabled? I mean is it a big noticeable difference?

daclink 05-03-03 04:31 PM

I'm not sure how big the difference is, but if you run glxgears with it turned on, then turned off, you should see if theres a difference.


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