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Pixelsmack 04-16-08 01:31 AM

I remember my first TNT card clear as day.
Purchased at Best Buy (to replace my 2MB Matrox) and back then I knew this company was going to be huge because theirs was one of the first cards to finally offer 3D acceleration and processing along side 2D. All using one card and one display. Amazing.

I was fortunate enough to have a little cash when their stock finally opened and I made some pretty good dough off them. That money is long gone now but it was fun.

Still I just was trolling through Ebay when this memory came back. Seeing an old TNT card on there, Diamond Viper I believe.

"Memories! You're talking about memories!"

No wait it was CREATIVE! Man oh man....

EciDemon 04-16-08 02:05 AM

Re: I remember my first TNT card clear as day.

Originally Posted by Pixelsmack

Hehe I had one of those creative cards too.
Back in the day I preorderd a Voodoo2, But even one month after release, I still had not gotten it so I cancled the order and picked up a new harddrive.

Then my friend got his voodoo2 and he gave me his old intel something with 8mb on. Worked pretty good. Then the TNT was released and I picked one up. Damn that thing was fast. Remembering I played alot of battle zone at the time, the intel card usually had slowdowns when there was alot of smoke on screen, With the TnT there was nothing of the sort :)
Blazing fast. Tnt's was also very good with amd cpus as they made use of 3dnow optimizations. Quake2 ran like a dream :) .. Unreal too :D
Man the good old days.
I dunno what eventually happend to the card as I passed it down to my brother as I do with all my hardware.
I still have the original Drivers CD tho with the Magic color monitor calibration card :)

This was also the first card I OCd, probably with Rivatuner as ive been using ever since.

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