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edhunterbg 04-18-08 01:48 PM

did somebody try to run two different videocards??
Hello guys

For some time I am thinking about putting additional videocard in my comp, just to get FreeBSD and X work well.
Is this possible?

Here is additional info and the reason I need that.
Currently I own 8800GT on P35 mobo, core2duo E6750 and 4Gigs of RAM. I bought this videocard just to play a few games (on windows).
But I also use freebsd as a desktop system. I have tried freebsd 6 and 7 amd64. After I understood that in the near future there will be no driver for freebsd-amd64, I gave up and installed freebsd 7 i386. I am having troubles with getting X + nvidia-driver with 4 GB running. (I have no memory remap, or similar option in bios). It seems that my patience is going to deplete :)
I dont have enough money to buy another powerfull videocard ati that to replacing my current nvidia. And actually I like card, really, but it is just for games on windows. I have two PCI-E x16 slots on my motherboard. And I need to know is it possible to put one more card - Ati9550 for example (pretty cheap) - and use freebsd with it.

ati9550 for freebsd
nvidia 8800gt for windows
my monitor has two vga inputs

is it possible?? have you tried it? what issues could arise?

10x in advance

dxx 04-19-08 05:53 PM

Re: did somebody try to run two different videocards??
I tried a similar thing myself a couple of nights ago. It failed miserably, although, that was with a 3850 and an x1800xl. I don't recall my luck being any better when I tried the 3850 alongside an 8600gt, though, and my board is also a P35 (an Asus P5K).

It seems that it would work if you were using an nVidia chipset and nVidia graphic cards. But with us Intel folks, we seem to be screwed.

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