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bbarnett 05-03-03 06:34 PM

1.0-4363 fine until using dual head with :0.0 and :0.1 displays
I won't post a lot of info yet, just in case this problem has already been reported. I'm using a dual head Geforce 4 Ti 4200. Powercolor, in case it matters.

I'm not using Twinview, but I have each head setup using instructions in Appendix R (I think R) on how to set up each as a separate X display. :0.0 and :0.1, naturally.

Anyhow, I have no problems what so ever using a single display, but as soon as I start using both, two things happen:

1) switching to console causes an instant lockup
2) random crashes occur

2 has not been entirely separated from the fact that this is a new card yet, but 1 definitely has. That is, extensive testing shows that 1 is indeed true. 2 may or may not be, as I have not done intensive (read : used the card for days) on single display only.

If more info is require, please let me know. Prior to this card, I was running a Geforce 2 Ti, so this motherboard has had several months of workout without any lockup issues at all.


Andy Mecham 05-04-03 12:09 AM

Please post an verbose X log - that will have your vbios information in it. I'll try to repro.


bbarnett 05-04-03 10:17 AM

1 Attachment(s)
ok, logverbose 5 it is ;)

Hmm, I notice info about some interesting TV modes there...

(II) NVIDIA(1): TV Standard: HD480p: 720x480
(II) NVIDIA(1): TV Standard: HD720p: 1280x720
(II) NVIDIA(1): TV Standard: HD1080i: 1920x1080

Looks interesting ;) Doesn't look like my card supports it though (or does it?)

Anyhow, any info you need, just ask.. you'll find it here quicker'n'stink ;)

bbarnett 05-04-03 05:30 PM

This post:


Talks about a problem with TV out and switching to console. Since TV Out is basically on from boot with me, and is being used as :0.1, it's possible this is the cause of my problems...

Not sure though...

bbarnett 05-05-03 10:52 AM

Something else is odd, too.

DGA seems to have an odd effect. It seems to write on display :0.0 and :0.1... resulting in weird output....

Output that can't really be used to even recoginised for anything other than static.

This obviously could be an X bug.. or it could be a driver bug.. any ideas?

bbarnett 05-05-03 12:32 PM

Ignore the message below ;)

Lockups still occur, they're just few and far between.

Ok, I've verified that the random lockups were just a "new card" issue. The console switch still locks up, but random X lockups are gone.

It was a power issue. Probably the Geforce4 uses more power than the Geforce2, and increasing the power to my CPU by a small amount rectified the issue. It was probably very margional before.

bbarnett 05-07-03 08:09 AM

Keep alive message.....

Hoping for Nvidia feedback. Should I post to bugs@nvidia.com? (or whatever the addy is?)

Andy Mecham 05-07-03 01:19 PM

Sorry - it's been a bit hectic. :)

VT switching with a TV is a known bug, and is being worked on.


Jon_e 05-07-03 02:39 PM


Originally posted by Andy Mecham
[b]Sorry - it's been a bit hectic. :)

VT switching with a TV is a known bug, and is being worked on.
Thanks for that info. It wasn't mentioned as an issue in the Errata so it is nice to know that you are aware of the problem.

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