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test4echo 04-24-08 04:16 PM

#Novel_ OES2_ over -Linux

Our school board just implemented new servers (we put Novell OES-2) and this OS does NOT run over netware, it runs over SUSE.

I have no idea about SUSE (or linux for that matter) and i'm finding it a rather pain in my ass to create volumes/shares/users/ creating the partitions I need for /NSS,ext2,VFAT formated file systems.
#Is there a really good introduntion to Linux {particilarly the SUSE kernal} that I can find on the net?
$idiot -su

# touch Any help at all would greatly appreciated/test.txt


grey_1 04-24-08 06:29 PM

Re: #Novel_ OES2_ over -Linux
Here's a start for you test...

Good luck. :p

test4echo 04-25-08 03:18 PM

Re: #Novel_ OES2_ over -Linux
Thanks grey_1.
Those will help alot. I registered with SUSE Forums.

I feel so over my head right now.
They gave us a One week course on OES 2 and Edirectory with the Linux aspect the major part of the discussion.
I wasted my life on Windoz and now I'm paying for it....lol
By the way, for those interested, Shawn Hoopes (Linux prodigy) was our instructor.
He could spit out stuff to make your head spin.
Very cool.


grey_1 04-25-08 03:48 PM

Re: #Novel_ OES2_ over -Linux
Yw test, I bet you pick it up faster than you think you will.

My recommendation..if you have a spare box or hdd, dl OpenSuse get it installed and have at it. use it as your primary DT for a few weeks and spend time on the forums. It's actually very addictive....;)

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