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cutcut 05-04-03 04:52 AM

VIAKT 133 + GE 2MMX = boom !
After having tried several times to install Nvidia drivers, reading the reame file, I found that there are some restriction (?) to who is using VAI KT 133 chipsed + GE 2 MMX.

I havea question: is there anybody that has this configuration properly working ? If yes, what's he done to make this work ?
This installation is driving me crazy !!

Andy Mecham 05-04-03 07:14 PM

Have you tried switching AGP drivers or disabling AGP altogether?


cutcut 05-05-03 04:12 AM

Well, I tried disabling OS PnP and assign IRQ to VGA on Bios. I tried to remove rivafb from my kernel (Mandrake 9.1), but unsuccessfully.

I will try also the AGP option mentioned by you, and this will be my last attempt (or I will change the video card).

Anyhow I would like to know if there's somebody with my exact hw configuration who was able to complete the installation succesfully.

Thanks, I will let you know about my progress.

Ciao !

Andy Mecham 05-05-03 05:03 PM

Most problems on the K*133 chipsets are due to AGP problems with the motherboard itself. Some boards work fine, others don't. You should try the different AGP drivers as well as disabled to find out what works for you.


cutcut 05-06-03 04:50 AM

YUPPIEEEEEE !!! It works 99 % !!!!! THANKS. By "NvAGP" "0" I get the logo screen and then X starts. It took several weeks...but at the end, because OF ALL OF YOU...it works !!!

There's only 1% off which is that nvidia kernel doesn't load automatically, then I have to runlevel 3, modprobe nvidia, startx.

Well, I remember there are several other emails explaining how to solve this last issue, but I would really appreciate if you could explain to me in detail since I am newbie and haven't clearly understood what i have to do.

T H A N K S !!!!

cutcut 05-06-03 05:11 AM

Moreover, I found what happened to me and have the solution.

Since I am newbie, I installed nvidia drivers from safemode, which makes something (defvb?) not to be loaded. I have understood how to turn off X (by run /sbin/init 3 as root from a terminal (ctrl-alt-f1 and log in as root)) and will do it now. Then I will reinstalla the driver and everything should be perfectly working. In case nvidia still won't load automatically, since I have Mandrake 9.1, I will "nvidia" to /etc/modules

I should have understood almost everything. Please confirm.


Andy Mecham 05-06-03 01:06 PM

Yes, that's what happened. Installing in runlevel 1 can cause that problem. It should correctly detect devfs if you run it in runlevel 3.


cutcut 05-08-03 06:10 AM

And in fact...it works 100% now ! I simply reinstalled from init3 and everything is fine now....how....

guys...THANK YOU...I was desperate...and am very happy with this card now



alien999999999 05-08-03 07:32 AM

I know that it works for you now, but since you have no AGP at this stage, you could improve your perfomance if you'd try

Option "NvAGP" "1"

it might not work, but then again it might. and if you really have some time to spare, you could try leaving that option out again, I doubt it'll work, but hey, you don't know if you don't try. (you never know it might work because of you installing on runlevel 1.

btw: I'd appreciate it, if you could tell me which AGP you're having.

is there AGPGART in your kernel? I'd very much like to know, since I have mdk9.1 also and I can't find it. (AGPGART should not be there).


cutcut 05-08-03 08:53 AM

Alien, I will do and let you know. I want to try to set NvAGP to "1" and remove interrupt assignment on VGA card, and set PnP OS to "yes".

Regarding AGPGART, what' the quickest way to find if I have it ? Once I recomipled the kernel (because I read here that "rivafb" is incompatible with Nvidia - but this is not with my 9.1), but I don't remember that option.


alien999999999 05-08-03 09:36 AM

don't think it's a good idea to set PnPos to true and assign IQ to VGA to false.

but you might try what you will...

thanks for helping me out

cutcut 05-11-03 05:41 AM

You know what...? Setting IRQ on VGA card + disabling PnP OS + setting NvAGP to 1 makes everything working 100%
Does it work with you ?


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