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aprodigy 05-04-03 07:19 AM

Solution for lockups when switching to console or restarting the X-Server
Hi all, Hi Andy!

I've found a preliminary solution for that darn lockup-problem when leaving X to restart the X-Server or the whole system or simply going back to console while utilizing GeForce-4 cards with those new 4xxx drivers.

Everyone should have realized that the TV-Out feature is enabled by default even during system bootup. As far as I am concerned this seems to be the hassle responsible for those lockups.

How I got rid of it?

Got the 'nvtv'-Software from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/nv-tv-out/, installed it and before leaving X I simply start it and push the button "TV Off".

Form now on I could switch, restart or do whatever I've been used to while using the 31xx or my good old Geforce-2MX card.

Actually I've been using 'nvtv' for a long time since it's been the only Plug'nPlay-software for the TV-out on nVidia-cards but since I've bought my Albatron 4680SE (Philips encoder) the software became useless except for the turning-off-the-TV-mode thing.

Hope that helps some of you guys!


NOTE: TwinView needs to be set to off in XF86Config!

nbgr 05-04-03 03:13 PM

Hello Marco!

And thanks a lot! It surely helped me!!!

Finally I am able to use the nvidia driver in X, without having to do a dirty shutdown afterwards, becuse of the system hangup I got when trying to logout or switch to a virtual console.

Actually I now know two ways to avoid the situation.

1. Unplug the video cable before booting the computer. This way the TV-out will never be started , and there is no problem to leave X. (With the cable plugged in I get a cloned monitor picture on the TV, which goes away when I start X.)

2. Install and run nvtv and push the "TV Off"-button as you explained.

I hope the NVIDIA folks will fix this soon. Until then I think they should put a note in the installation materials for the nvidia driver stating that the nvidia driver can not be used with an active TV-out port, or the system will hang when it switches from X graphics back to normal graphics again.

Thanks again


hj_18 06-09-03 08:29 PM

no , it seems useless 4 me
like u say, i dl the nvtv from souceforge, install it smoothly. after x start ,i use nvtv with tv-off. and then i quit x. the console screen still messes up. the chars like small snakes. by the way ,i always boot the machine with vesafb 640x480x16, so u see it is helpless too.

aprodigy 06-10-03 03:44 AM

Solution for lockups when switching to console or restarting the X-Server
It's just a solution for when the computer locks completely with a black screen when you exit X - not if the screen gets all scrambled - this is a different problem - check this forum! There are threads and solutions for your problem.

Greets, Marco

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