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Redeemed 04-26-08 02:05 PM

Custom Tweeter...
So, I have two 4-way Cutis Mathes tower cabinet speakers. Well, on one of 'em the tweeter just hasn't been producing those crisp ear-piercing highs like it used to (I tend to only listen to music, games, and movies one way- LOUD! :D ). I figured it was either the crossover over tweeter itself giving up the ghost. It also just so happens that years ago I had purchased two horn tweeters from RadioShack back when they still carried replacement speakers. So I pulled the old tweeter out and just wired the "new" one in. Sure enough, those highs were back and ear piercing like never before!

The problem was, those tweeters didn't fit the pre-cut holes in the Curtis Mathes box. So... I had to improvise. :cool:

Here's a shot of what the tower looks like with the original speaker in...





And here is the one with the new tweeter in, before customization...



What I had to do was (literally) cut out the original speaker with my dremel tool to leave the outter bracket. Here's the "bracket" with the speaker cut out...


Bracket and new tweeter...




As you can see, it'd be a perfect fit with some mild tweaks...


The new tweeter by itself...



So after cutting the mount for the original speaker off of the bracket, I then took a soldering iron and just melted the over-hanging parts of the new tweeter to the bracket. The final product was a perfect fit. :D Here's the results...



That silver ring and metal mesh just needs to be glued into place, and then it's done. :D Not bad for a redneck and some old tools, I figured. :D Only problem now is, one speaker has slightly crisper highs than the other... the difference is *barely* noticable. But I can foresee myself performing this same procedure on the other tower later on.

Was just curious if anybody else here has done customizations like this to their audio equipment. Post pics of your projects if you have any!

lduguay 04-26-08 02:09 PM

Re: Custom Tweeter...
Nice job, but have you considered selling your Phenom and buy a decent pair of speakers?;)

Redeemed 04-26-08 03:34 PM

Re: Custom Tweeter...

Originally Posted by lduguay
Nice job, but have you considered selling your Phenom and buy a decent pair of speakers?;)

Decent??? These towers are every bit as excellent as the any other pair I've ever heard. I've gone down to the local store here and even listened to a $3200 pair of Boston Accoustics hooked up to an Oknyo reciever. Didn't sound the least bit better than these. I've already replaced 3 of the 4 speakers in each tower, so they're practically new still. And they can produce a TON of boom as well.

Nah, I don't think I'll ever replace these. Whenever I do end up buying new speakers, it'll be for a seperate setup and it'll probably be 6 of Cerwin-Vega's dual 15" boxes. :cool:

Anyhow, thanks for the compliment. :D As for the Phenom, I'm keeping it. As is it typically isn't too far behind the Q6600, atleast in any task I'd be doing (mostly gaming, watching movies, listening to music, and browsing the web).

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