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Mafacko 05-04-03 09:49 AM

new driver installed now what?
Alright i installed the version of the Linux/Nvidia drivers. I have a GeForce MX 420 card, i try to set my setting to a higher resoulution, and cant. I try to change the place where it says "vesa, mga, etc" but i was reading the readme, and it said something about "nvidia" being there, and its not. I just want to set my resolution higher, and to have the card recognized. As of now im using the Generic GeForce 4 drivers included with Red Hat 8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank your smart people,

alien999999999 05-04-03 12:21 PM

if you didn't change the nv or whatever to nvidia, you haven't completed the install, go to the XF86Config-4 file and change driver to nvidia.

you should read the readme. there are things in there too to change resolution settings...


Mafacko 05-04-03 01:26 PM

how would i get into the x86config without going through the configuration? The readme is too vast, and talkative. I dont understand it.

bwkaz 05-04-03 03:17 PM

Open your /etc/X11/XF86Config file in any text editor (mcedit, nano, pico, gvim, xemacs, joe, kedit, kate, etc., etc.). Forget about your GUI configuration tools; they don't understand how this driver works.

Mafacko 05-04-03 04:15 PM

I think i got it to work, because i see an "nvidia" logo when i logon. But how would i up the resolution without messing up X. I would like to up the resolution up to 1280 x 1024. I know it could handle it because i use to run windows at that resolution. Thank you for those of you who took the time to reply, also those who will answer in the future.

bwkaz 05-04-03 05:24 PM

In your XF86Config file, you need to find the SubSection "Display" in your Section "Screen" that matches, Depth-wise, with your DefaultDepth line (or DefaultColorDepth line).

In that SubSection, there's a set of Modes listed. Add 1280x1024 to the start of that list, if it's not already there.

If you add it (or if it's there), but you don't get the higher resolution, then attach your /var/log/XFree86.0.log file after you do a startx -- -logverbose 5 run.

Mafacko 05-04-03 06:20 PM

would i also be able to set my colors to a higher bit i.e. 24 bit color? Because i see a "DefaultDepth 16" , and "Depth 16". Im just wondering if i can set that to 24 bit depth. Aside from that thank you very much, im now able to play Tux Racer :) .

bwkaz 05-04-03 08:17 PM

If you change DefaultDepth to 24, all you have to do is make sure that there's a Display SubSection that has a Depth of 24, with the right resolutions in it.

You could just change both Depth and DefaultDepth, if you want, as long as there isn't another Depth 24 subsection.

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