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Des 05-04-03 11:33 AM

Problem with lastest nvidia driver.
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I have a TNT2 Model 64 on a Soyo 7vba running Debian Woody. I downloaded and installed using the .run file the Nvidia drivers (including compiling the kernel module). Then configured /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 as the README. Everything works fine. Except for a little big detail.
When starting X a "video garbage" square appeared in the middle of the screen (I assume that should be the nvidia logo) and stays there. Everything works fine and the square disapeard if I change resolution (ctrl+alt+plus). After that I can come back to the original resolution (ctr+alt+minus), and the square is gone. The MAYOR problem is that if I kill X the green garbaged square reapear IN CONSOLE MODE taking like 1/4 of the screen. If I start X again is the samething. Changing between virtual terminals didn't help.
I can change to the virtual teminals (ctrl+alt+F1/F2/F3) when in X with no problem.
My XFree86 version is 4.2.1
I attach my XF86Config-4 file. I tryed the NoLogo option and NvAgp 1 (because of the README recomendation for my specific AGP controller) options but they didn't seem to work (agpgart is still there when I lsmod with X running).
I KNOW that THIS is the configuration X is using.

bwkaz 05-04-03 12:04 PM

Someone else had a problem very similar to this, and it turned out that they were using the rivafb framebuffer console driver. You cannot do that -- the only high-res console driver that works with the nVidia driver is vesafb.

Do a cat /proc/fb to see which driver you're using.

Des 05-04-03 12:29 PM

Thanks for replying so fast!
des@LAN-EGRA:~$ cat /proc/fb
mmm... Nope... anything else?

P.D.: Sorry if my english it's not perfect!

Des 05-05-03 08:52 AM

Thanks, It's finally fixed...:D
I don't know it just fixed once I restart my PC.
(sorry Debian Woody... I never restart... never hangs up.... :-)
Anyway thanks!
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