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Albert 05-04-03 12:50 PM

trying to install nVIDIA 1.0-4363 on Mandrake 9.0
Hello Experts,

Trying to install the nVIDIA 1.0-4363 driver, I got the message it does not find the 'linker': /usr/bin/ld, which should be part of the 'binutils package'.
I checked the nVidia release notes; it only says I need this linker... So, I aborted the installation.
Now I wonder:
(1) Is this 'linker' really missing, (how to check?)
(2) Where can I get it?
(3) Which hurdles to take, to get it installed.
I happily noticed the effortless installation of the WinXP version of this driver, on my XP partition.
Thank you for any helpfull reply. Please consider the fact that I am an absolute Linux newbie. I already got some hints on other fora, but I did not understand.:(

bwkaz 05-04-03 03:12 PM

It is definitely missing.

You need to install the binutils package, just like the installer told you to do.

The easiest way to do that is to restart the Mandrake installer, and select upgrade rather than "start fresh" (or whatever the other choice is). The, go through the installer until you get to package selection. Once you're there, make sure you select the "development" package group. You may not need all of those packages, but then again, you might.

Hit next (or whatever), let it install the packages, then reboot once it's done (but take the Mandrake CD 1 out of your drive so you don't boot back to the installer ;)). Then try running the nVidia installer again.

Albert 05-12-03 02:24 PM

Yes! nVIDIA driver installed on Mandrake 9.0 box
My respect to "bwkaz"!

I was able to install the "binutils" packages following his instruction. Then the nVIDIA installer did a fine job. Now, 3D graphics are running great.

On "static" applications though, I notice some rapidly repeating frames, while dragging or resizing a window over the desktop. This bizar effect happens to vertical lines only. The lines vanish a couple of millisecond after they appear, making a repeating effect.

This does not really impact, nor crash any applications, as far as I know. It just looks weird.

Maybe there is some connection to the fact that I had to select another type of monitor, since the DELL 1504FP was not in the Mandrake's list. I had no choice, but to select the DELL 1503FP.
Just guessing...

alien999999999 05-12-03 04:44 PM

you only needed to install the binutils package, you know....
you could have just opened up the control center; software installer and typed in binutils (if it appeared;then it was not installed) and select it and pressed install. but of course your solution works as well although notably longer in time...

Albert 05-14-03 01:00 PM

Thanks for the reply.
Since there is a serious bug in Mandrake 9.0, I was not able to launch the Control Center nor many other tools.
It seems this bug happens if the isntalled language is 'Dutch'. (That's what I was told at the Mandrake forum.)
Anyway, since I did a full update this issue is solved as well.
Again, thanks for the support.

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