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k3ant 05-04-03 01:15 PM

4363 re-installation advantage?

I have been using a RIVA TNT@ M64 up until yesterday, Saturday 5/03, when I purchased and installed an ASUS V9520-TD/GeForce FX5200 card. I have been using the 4363 driver with the TNT2 and Red Hat Linux 9.0 with no problems, period!

My query is this - while the FX5200 is working great with a driver that was installed when a lesser card was on-board , would there be any advantage to re-installing the driver with the new card in place?

Thanks for your time and please keep up the great linux work you are doing!


bwkaz 05-04-03 03:20 PM

I'm not Andy, but I don't see any advantage to reinstalling it.

This isn't Windows, after all. ;)

I haven't seen source (since I don't work at nVidia), but the driver should, according to the assertion that it's a unified architecture, decide which card you have at runtime, and configure itself accordingly.

Andy Mecham 05-04-03 07:02 PM


I'm not Andy
I'd be kind of worried if you were... :)

The driver doesn't need to be reinstalled; nothing will change if you do.


k3ant 05-04-03 07:33 PM

Thanks guys! I just had to ask.

And speaking of windows - I had more damned trouble getting the V9520-TD/FX5200 to work properly there than you can imagine - well, maybe not! Finely got it setup after a couple of hours (I have what you would call basic to intermediate level computer skills) but in Red Hat, all I had to do was to boot-up! All you Linux programmers out there, thanks!!!

As I'm not the only user in the house here I need to keep the other OS available otherwise it would be Red Hat Linux 9.0 only!


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