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qpoint 05-04-03 03:01 PM

problem with new driver with KT400 and geforce 4 ti 4200
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after installing the new driver and changing the XF86Config-4 file, the x server freezes after i start it and it just shows a white screen with a few lines. i have to reset the computer by pressing the reset button because nothing else works. The XFree86.0.log is attached.

thanks if anyone can help,


qpoint 05-04-03 03:08 PM

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this is my XF86Config-4.



qpoint 05-08-03 03:33 PM


i just saw the following post and i think my problem might be related to that one:




alien999999999 05-08-03 07:42 PM

or it might not, i noticed that the EDID values weren't good, maybe you should try:

Option "IgnoreEDID"

it's not the same error, because of the fact that my log ends after:
setting 1024 x 768

and the one here has some lines below it...

qpoint 05-09-03 12:30 PM

i just tried Option "IgnoreEDID", but there was no change. i still have the same problem.


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