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SamZ 05-02-08 10:23 AM

Problem running fullscreen with "Rotate" "CCW"
I am trying to run a custom app in fullscreen mode on FreeBSD. It works great with the latest drivers, but now I want to run the monitor in vertical (portrait) mode.

I am using SDL just to set up the fullscreen mode, and then OpenGL after that.

When I use Option "Rotate" CCW in xorg.conf, X comes up as it should. Running the app in a window works as it should, and everything is in portrait mode.

However, when I switch to fullscreen mode, the screen is offset several hundred pixels to the right. For a 1440x900 monitor, if I run rotated at 900x1440, it works, but it is as if the screen is centered in a 1440x1440 virtual window, and I lost the right half of my app.

Any suggestions?


SamZ 05-15-08 10:24 AM

Re: Problem running fullscreen with "Rotate" "CCW"
This turned out to be a bug in the SDL code - at least I was able to fix it by not centering the window from SDL.


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